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Drs. Mays and Costich among Researchers in a New National Network to Report on Implementation of the Affordable Care Act

No one can predict what will happen in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Federal and state administrators are struggling with computer glitches, but new problems and successes will emerge just as quickly in the future. The ACA is, of course, a program: a combination of regulations, mandates, and subsidies designed to increase access, ensure quality of care, and moderate costs. But it is also a new framework in which state and federal agencies, insurance companies, health providers, employers, and consumers will interact and adjust to each other for years to come. The ACA, as it’s actually implemented, may thus be in constant flux as these different persons and institutions respond to shifts in demographics, employer benefits, health care costs, and, of course, each other’s actions.

Because we see these changes as stretching well into the future, the Rockefeller Institute of the State University of New York and the Fels Institute of Government of the University of Pennsylvania are co-sponsoring a new national network of researchers in 29 states to study the implementation and evolution of the ACA.

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