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Kentucky Appalachia PHTC Recognized for Two Promising Practices

The Health Resource Services Administration (HRSA) in partnership with the American Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) has given the Kentucky and Appalachia Health Training Center (KAPHTC) “Promising Practice” recognition for its two submissions,Public Health Training Center as Backbone Support Organizations for Accreditation Readiness and Statewide Needs Assessment Using Learning Management System and Engaging All Academic and Practice Partners. The recognition for both comes in the category of “assisting local health departments prepare for accreditation.”

Due to a loss of staff among Kentucky local health departments, the ability of the health departments to prepare for accreditation was severely hampered. As part of the Public Health Training Centers as Backbone Support for Accreditation Readiness  Promising Practice, the KAPHTC provided much needed accreditation support in areas of data collection, community forum facilitation, community health improvement planning, and strategic planning.

To improve local health departments’ ability to conduct self-assessments, the KAPHTC developed the Promising Practice, Statewide Needs Assessment using Learning Management System and Engaging All Academic and Practice Partners. This practice provided local health departments with an instrument designed to assess core public health competencies while reducing measurement error.

The federally-funded training center, housed in the College of Public Health’s Center for Public Health Practice, is one of 37 public health training centers located across the U.S. funded through the HRSA. The KAPHTC coordinates training programs for public health practitioners in Kentucky and the Appalachian region. The purpose of our work is to strengthen skills and improve public health practice. The Essential Public Health Services and core public health competencies serve as a development and training framework for current and future activities.

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