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CPH 365

Course Information

Credit Hours: 3
Department: Preventive Medicine & Environmental Health

Fundamentals of Environmental Health

An overview of the environmental factors that influence human health, including hazards from unsanitary water, polluted air, traumatic injury hazards, toxins, radiologic risks, and other features of the natural and human made environment that can kill, injure, maim, and cause disease in human populations. Special focus is given to understanding the relationships between biological, chemical, and other factors that produce unhealthy environments that sicken individuals throughout their lifespan. Additional topics include the important influence of environmental hygiene, restaurant inspections, occupational safety and health issues, clean water standards, air pollution regulations, and other laws and regulations that protect the health and safety of human populations.

Course Prerequisites: BIO 111 or 150 and CHE 104 or 105; or permission of the instructor.