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CPH 670

Course Information

Credit Hours: 2

Interdisciplinary Protocol Development

This course is designed to orient students to leadership and teamwork processes involved in clinical and translational research and to train students to function effectively in team settings. Students will be assigned to multidisciplinary teams with a designated principal investigator. Each team will be assigned to develop an integrated multidisciplinary grant application to address an assigned clinical research topic. Students are expected to apply their knowledge of effective scientific communication, responsible conduct of research, and methods and technologies of clinical and translational science to the grant application. The course will consist of four class periods. The first three classes will consist of an orientation to communication and the role of leadership and teamwork in multidisciplinary clinical and translational research. The final class period will be reserved for a teams organizational meeting. Supplemental team meetings are optional. Each team member will be required to complete an individual five-page research methods report that is integrated into a multidisciplinary research application addressing a clinical research topic assigned to the team under the direction of an assigned principal investigator. Prereq: Graduate standing. (Same as BSC 732.)