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GRN 600

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Credit Hours: 3
Department: Gerontology

A Study of the Older Person

This didactic/experiential course is designed to give the student an overview of the experience of growing old by focusing on the individual older person. Framed from a cell to society perspective, didactic lectures will focus on historical, demographic, biological, psychological, social, environmental, life course and humanistic dimensions of growing old. Emphasis is placed on the relationship between individual experience and societal context. The experiential component will consist of having each student interact with a healthy elder mentor who will provide insight from the perspective of lived experience. Prereq: Admission to the Ph.D. Program in Gerontology. 

Graham D. Rowles

Department: Gerontology

Title: Director and Chair, Professor

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Phone: 859-218-0145

Location: 1080 Export St, Suite 280

CV: CVFULL 1-13-15.pdf

Graham D. Rowles is a Professor in the Graduate Center for Gerontology with joint appointments in Nursing, Behavioral Science, Geography and Health Behavior. His research, in the field of environmental gerontology, focuses on the lived experience of aging in different contexts. A central theme of this work is exploration, employing qualitative methodologies, of the changing relationship between elders and their environments with advancing age and the implications of these relationships for health and wellbeing. He has conducted in-depth ethnographic research with elderly populations in urban (inner city), rural (Appalachian), and nursing facility environments. Current research includes leadership of the Kentucky Elder Readiness Initiative (KERI), a statewide project to explore the implications for communities of the aging of the Baby Boom cohort. His publications include Prisoners of Space? and five co-edited volumes, Aging and Milieu, Qualitative Gerontology, Long-Term Care for the Rural Elderly, Qualitative Gerontology: A Contemporary Perspective, and Home and Identity in Late Life in addition to more than 60 book chapters and articles. He is a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America and the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education and serves on the editorial boards of The Journal of Applied Gerontology and the Journal of Housing for the Elderly.