College of Public Health students graduating

Core Faculty and Research

Breheny, Patrick (PhD, Iowa, 2009), assistant professor of biostatistics (joint appt in statistics): analysis of high-dimensional data; penalized regression; computational statistics; visualization; genomics.

Browning, Steve (PhD, UNC, 1994), assistant professor of epidemiology: injury, occupational, and environmental epidemiology; cardiovascular and chronic kidney disease; epidemiologic methods.

Bush, Heather (PhD, Kentucky, 2006), assistant professor of biostatistics: patient registries; longitudinal and/or correlated data structures; applications in women's health and injury prevention.

Caldwell, Glyn (MD, Missouri, 1966), assistant professor of epidemiology: infectious disease, cancer, environmental health and radiation epidemiology.

Charnigo, Richard (PhD, CWRU, 2003), associate professor of biostatistics (joint appt in statistics): mixture modeling; nonparametric regression; applications to cardiology, psychology, engineering, and public health.

Fardo, David (PhD, Harvard, 2008), assistant professor of biostatistics: statistical genetics, genome-wide association studies, gene-by-environment interaction, causal inference and statistical methodologies in Public Health applications

Fleming, Steven (PhD, Michigan, 1989), associate professor of epidemiology (joint appt in health services management): cancer epidemiology; managerial epidemiology; health services research; impact of comorbidities on cancer.

Hopenhayn, Claudia (PhD, Berkeley, 1996), associate professor of epidemiology: cancer and reproductive outcomes, within the context of environmental and occupational exposures and cancer control, and on global health issues.

Kryscio, Richard (PhD, SUNY Buffalo, 1971), professor of statistics (joint appt in biostatistics): epidemics; spatial statistics; disease clustering; longitudinal data analysis; missing data; Alzheimer’s disease; cancer; prevention trials.

Mendiondo, Marta (PhD, Kentucky, 1997), assistant professor of biostatistics: data management and biostatistical analysis.

Tucker, Thomas (PhD, Kentucky, 1998), associate professor of epidemiology: examination of variations in the patterns of care for stage III colorectal cancer in Kentucky, an exploration of human growth factors as they relate to colon cancer, studies of factor related to the high cervical cancer incidence and mortality in Appalachian Kentucky, and exploration of methods for estimating the completeness of case ascertainment in population-based cancer registries.

Walsh, Sabrina (DrPH, Kentucky, 2008), assistant professor of epidemiology: violence prevention, developing statewide surveillance and reporting systems, and system evaluation.