College of Public Health students graduating

Doctor of Philosophy in Gerontology

The Doctor of Philosophy in Gerontology (PhD in GRN) at the University of Kentucky is an interdisciplinary, campus-wide degree coordinated by the Graduate Center for Gerontology within the College of Public Health.  The degree is supported by and benefits from a robust cadre of full-time campus faculty resources drawn from multiple campus academic units in disciplines that range from the bench to social sciences. The presence of core curriculum content in population health and epidemiology makes this degree unique among aging/gerontology graduate programs found elsewhere in the nation.

Gerontology naturally embraces a wide array of disciplines and scholarly perspectives within the social sciences and humanities, and the bench and clinical approaches of the biomedical and health sciences. The Graduate Center for Gerontology at the University of Kentucky recognizes the diverse ways of exploring aging and older persons and seeks to develop in students a truly integrative and holistic way of thinking about gerontology. Upon competition of the program, our graduates are prepared to pursue academic careers in research, teaching, and service, as well as employment in the public and private sectors.

The Ph.D. program accepts applications from all qualified students who demonstrate a commitment to, and high potential for success in, doctoral studies and future research careers in aging-related fields.