College of Public Health students graduating

MD / MPH Degree


Students admitted to the University of Kentucky College of Medicine are eligible to apply to the combined MD / MPH program. The combined degree will provide well-trained physicians with additional skills and knowledge in public health policies and procedures, enabling them to provide service to individuals within the context of a healthy community and its unique population characteristics. The MD and MPH program is designed for completion in five years.


In addition to being admitted to the College of Medicine, students applying to the MD / MPH program must meet the admissions requirements for the Graduate School of the University of Kentucky and the College of Public Health. Students must complete an online centralized application through the School of Public Health Application Service (SOPHAS). For more information visit:


Before beginning the MD / MPH course of study, students should meet with the College of Public Health Director of Graduate Studies for the MPH Program, and the College of Medicine Dean of Student Affairs to map out a sequence of courses. Coursework is subject to change based on course availability.

In general, students in the MD /MPH program will complete the majority of the public health courses during the third year of the five-year program while enrolled solely in the College of Public Health. However, students in good academic standing may take a limited number of public health courses in the first-, second-, and fourth-year of medical school. Some of these courses may be eligible for credit toward both the MD and the MPH degrees.

MPH Areas of Concentration

Biostatistics – the development and application of methodology for quantitative studies in public health and biomedical research

Epidemiology – study of the distribution and determinants of disease and injury in human populations

Environmental Health – the protection, promotion, and maintenance of the health of defined populations

Health Behavior – the prevention of disease, both domestically and globally, through the study of behaviors affecting health

Population Health Policy and Management – improving the quality, availability, and effectiveness of public health and health care systems

MPH Certificate Options

In addition to five areas of concentration, the College of Public Health offers opportunities for the MD /MPH students to pursue various certificate options.

Graduate Certificates

For more information contact the Director of Graduate Studies for the MPH Program, Corrine Williams, ScD.