College of Public Health students graduating



The Graduate Certificate in Global Health requires completion of 12 regular course credits (generally will be 4 courses) and one 3 credit hour internship.

Courses must include topics related to global health from a medical, cultural, geographical, sociological, or other perspective.

Two courses are required (6 credit hours):

  • a health assessment course, usually in the form of an introductory epidemiology course such as CPH 605;
  • an introductory course in global health, such as CPH 751.

The other 2 courses (6 credit hours) are electives:

  • One of the elective courses must be outside the College of Public Health.
  • One elective must be from the following list: (or approved by the certificate director)

Elective Courses (all 3 credit hours)

ANT 646 Global Health: People, Institutions, and Change

CE 655 Water, Sanitation and Health

CPH 641 Public Health and Anthropology

CPH 612 Infectious/Emerging Diseases Epidemiology

GEO 475G Medical Geography

GEO 722 Social Geography

GRN 644 Demography of Aging

ENT 561 Insects Affecting Human and Animal Health

AAS 431G Cultures and Societies of Sub-Saharan Africa

AAS 500 NGO's and the Politics of Humanitarian Aid

ANT 580 Advanced Topics in Anthropology: Plaques, Culture and History

ANT 603 Human Biology In Context of Sociocultural Change

ANT 766 Gender, Ethnicity and Health

ANT 774 Food and Food Security in a Changing World (BSC 774)

ANT 775 Culture and Politics of Reproduction

ANT 637 Sociocultural Dimensions of Economic Development (SOC 637)

BIO 582 Virology

BSC 766 Concepts in Medical Sociology (SOC 766)

BSC 763 Seminar on Health Inequities

CHE 565 Environmental Chemistry

CJT 619 Professional Seminar in International/Intercultural Communication

CJT 771 Seminar in Health Communications

CPH 645 Food Systems, Malnutrition, and Public Health

GEO 544 Human Population Dynamics

NUR 752 Culturally Competent Healthcare: Client, Clinician, and Organizational Perspectives


The internship is a crucial culminating experience for the certificate. It requires at least a 4-week internship abroad, in or related to a resource-poor or resource-limited setting. It also requires a mentor both at UK and locally.  The internship course is CPH 709.

Course Learning Objectives: The internship will provide an opportunity for students to participate in a health-related activity, project or program in a resource-limited setting in a foreign country. This will allow students in the Global Health Certificate Program to acquire direct international experience with relevant, current global health issues, and to integrate and apply knowledge and skills learned in their coursework.

The minimum duration of the internship will be 4 weeks and it will count as 3 credit hours. Each internship will be unique, depending on the student’s background and interest, as well as on the needs and resources of the location where it is conducted. The main activity and setting of the internship can range from providing primary or specialty direct patient care in a hospital, outpatient or other type of medical setting (for students in clinical disciplines); prevention, community health or health education activities in schools, neighborhood meetings or other venues; collection of environmental samples from water, soil, food, etc. For students in the colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Health Sciences, the internship may take the form of a rotation.

Internship placements will require completion of an application to be submitted to and reviewed by the certificate director, Dr. Holsinger. The internship application shall include a proposed work plan, with activity and learning objectives, and a mentorship plan which should include a UK-Global Health associate faculty supervisor and a local, qualified mentor or supervisor in the host location.

Approval of the internship application will also include consideration of the student’s background, interests and language capabilities. In addition to the field experience, before traveling the student will complete pre-departure orientation and preparation requirements of the International Center for students studying or working abroad. Upon returning to the U.S., the student must report on the internship experience in the form of a written report, an oral, open presentation or other format, and be approved by the UK-Global Health supervisor, for the completion of the internship.

Exceptions: With approval of the Graduate Certificate in Global Health Program director, international students may be able to conduct the internship in a resource-limited or underserved setting in the U.S. Reduction of the duration of the internship abroad to less than 4 weeks will be considered only in exceptional cases and will require written approval of the certificate director.

Funding for travel and living expenses will be the responsibility of the student, but the certificate director and associate faculty will assist in pursuing travel funds from available sources, such as fellowships, travel awards and financial aid towards study or practice abroad.