College of Public Health students graduating


The MCH Graduate Certificate curriculum involves a total of 15 graduate credit hours including 6 hours of required courses.

*The MCH Certificate has recently made changes to the required and elective courses.  The new requirements are in effect for those students who apply to the certificate beginning in Fall 2014*

Required Courses:
CPH 740 – Introduction to Maternal and Child Health (3 hrs)
CPH 714 – MCH Info and Data Systems (3 hrs)

Elective Courses:
CPH 610 – Injury Epidemiology and Control (3 hrs)
CPH 641 – Public Health and Anthropology
CPH 645 – Food Systems and Malnutrition and Public Health (3 hrs)
CPH 646 – Special Topics in Behavioral Health: Public Health and Anthropology (3 hrs)
CPH 648 – Health and Culture (3 hrs)
CPH 653 – Public Health Law and Policy (3 hrs)
CPH 715 –​ Perinatal Epidemiology (3 hrs)
CPH 751 – Introduction to Global Public Health (3 hrs)
CPH 754 – Health Care Access and Coverage (3 hrs)
CNU 502 – Obesity: Cell to Community (2 hrs)
FAM 502 – Families and Children Under Stress (3 hrs)
NFS 516 – Maternal and Child Nutrition (3 hrs)

MCH Graduate Certificate students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better to progress in the curriculum

All course work for the MCH Graduate Certificate must be completed within 5 years of admission.

With the exception of CPH 740 – Introduction to Maternal and Child Health, courses and credit hours that satisfy the MCH Graduate Certificate can be used to jointly satisfy degree credit hours for a degree (i.e., MPH, DrPH) and Graduate Certificate. Students enrolled in the MCH Graduate Certificate Program may not use the MCH-required Certificate Course, CPH 740 – Introduction to Maternal and Child Health for credit in any other degree program in the College of Public Health.