College of Public Health students graduating

Environmental Health Concentration

Concentration Specific Competencies

  • Prepare small scale studies that evaluate interventions that reduce occupational and environmental risks to targeted populations.
  • Critique scientific literature in occupational and environmental health to determine its relevance to advancing practice-based strategies that reduce threats from environmental and occupational hazards.
  • Propose engineering, educational, policy and enforcement strategies that reduce occupational and environmental health risks in populations.
  • Summarize the role of policy, regulation and enforcement to prevent, modify and remove environmental and occupational hazards and risks.
  • Construct working groups and teams from different backgrounds to improve the public’s health when threatened by environmental and occupational health hazards.

Area of Concentration Courses

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
Students focusing on Environmental Health must complete the area requirements listed above and choose, in consultation with their academic advisor and/or Department Chair, additional courses from the list of electives that will meet the student’s educational and career objectives.
Other electives are permissible. Check with your Academic Advisor.
  Area Requirements  
CPH 620 Occupational and Environmental Health II 3
CPH 622 Toxic Agents and Their Implications in Public Health 3
  Electives (4 Courses Required)  
BIO 582 Virology 3
CE 555 Microbial Aspects of Environmental Engineering 3
CPH 610 Injury Epidemiology and Control 3
CPH 614 Managerial Epidemiology 3
CPH 617 Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology 3
CPH 728-a Special Topics in Occ/Env Health: Health of Agricultural Populations 3
CPH 728-b Special Topics in Occ/Env Health: Agricultural Health and Disease 3
CPH 728-c Special Topics in Occ/Env Health: Injury Prevention and Control 3
CPH 729 Independent Study in Occupational & Environmental Health (1-3)
CPH 790 Water Sanitation and Health 3
CPH 522 The Health of Kentuckians 3
CPH 695 Public Health Practice through Service Learning 3
CPH 662 Public Health Response to Terrorism & Disaster 3
ENT 561 Insects Affecting Human and Animal Health 3
KHP 515 Anatomical and Mechanical Kinesiology 3
KHP 615 Biomechanics 3
KHP 618 Work Hardening & Ergonomics 3
PHY 472G Interaction of Radiation with Matter 3
RM 545 Radiation Hazards and Protection 3
TOX 509 Biochemical and Environmental Toxicology 3
TOX 680 Molecular Mechanisms in Toxicology 5