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Donovan Fellowship for Academic Scholars

The Donovan Fellowship for Academic Students provides an opportunity for persons aged 65 and older to become students at the University of Kentucky by enrolling in any courses listed in the UK General Catalog and the Kentucky Virtual University.

Acceptance is based upon available space and may require the consent of the instructor or pre-requisites. Space is rarely available for individual instruction in piano, organ and voice. Donovan Fellows may audit classes (with no exams, papers or other assignments required), take classes for credit but not work toward a degree, or take classes for credit and be a degree candidate. When Donovan Fellows are non-degree candidates, there is no requirement regarding previous educational attainment to audit a course or take a course for credit. However, to work toward a degree, the Donovan Fellow must meet the same admission criteria as any other university student. There is no limit on the number of semesters a person may enroll.

Donovan Academic Fellows are responsible for the cost of any required materials, parking permits and applicable income taxes.  Federal Direct Student Loan Program guidelines require that the Donovan Scholarship be considered "financial aid" and be included in a student's total financial aid award. The amount of the tuition and fees is included when calculating the total dollar amount of financial aid to which a student is entitled. The tuition is considered taxable income when classes are not taken toward a degree (audited or non-degree credit). Continuing education courses are excluded from the Donovan Academic Fellows because of the special provisions under which they are administered. In addition, some University of Kentucky courses are limited to major-only students.

For an application or more information, contact:

Tyler Barber 
Donovan Fellows Registrar
UK Donovan Academic Fellowship
658 S. Limestone, Ligon House 
Lexington, KY 40506-0442
Phone: 859-257-2657