College of Public Health students graduating

Doctor of Public Health

Admission to the DrPH program is currently on hold pending redesign of curriculum to align with new CEPH Accreditation Criteria.

The DrPH is a terminal professional degree preparing graduates for public health senior leadership positions. It is designed as a school-wide advanced degree and will require a minimum of 63 semester hours of course work beyond the Master's degree. The DrPH candidate must have a Master of Public Health, a Master of Science in Public Health, or an equivalent degree. Examples of equivalent degrees are programs related to public health, such as the Master of Arts in Communications, or the Master of Science in Nursing along with course work equivalent to the five basic core courses in the MPH Curriculum. Students who have not met the requirement of completing masters degree introductory level courses in each of the five core areas must do so on a non credit basis, with a minimum grade of "B", prior to enrolling in the first doctoral course in each discipline. Students will complete a curriculum spanning the five core areas of concentration offered by the College of Public Health.Typically, a full-time student will require three years beyond the Master‘s degree to complete the program. The program is designed to accommodate non-traditional, working, and part-time students. The curriculum specifies prerequisite introductory courses in each of the five core areas of public health (Biostatistics, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Health Behavior, and Health Management and Policy). All DrPH Course work begins at a higher level and assumes introductory level knowledge of this content.