College of Public Health students graduating


  • A minimum of 42 credit hours
  • 15 semester hours of required core course work (a course in each of the concentration areas listed below)
  • 6 semester hours of required course work
  • 3 semester hours of research
  • 18 semester hours of electives in your area of concentration

Core Curriculum

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
Total   42
  Required Core Courses - 15 Hours  
CPH 580 Biostatistics I 3
CPH 601 Occupational/Environmental Health I 3
CPH 604 Public Health and Disease Prevention 3
CPH 605 Epidemiology 3
CPH 650 Management of Public Health Organizations 3
  CPH Exam  
Begining with the Fall 2014 class, all MPH students must take the CPH Exam. The exam is offered every Spring. Students should take the exam after they have completed the core courses. The college will pay for one exam for each student.
  Required Courses - 9 Hours  
CPH 608 Public Health Capstone Project 3
CPH 609 Field Practicum 3
  Research Hours Course - 3 Hours  
CPH 647 Health Behavior, Health Services Management, and Environmental Health
Biostatistics and Epidemiology will derive their 3 credit hours from a list of electives
  Area of Concentration Elective Courses 18
  Environmental Health  
  Health Behavior  
  Health Services Management