College of Public Health students graduating

Health Behavior Concentration

Concentration Specific Competencies

  • Utilize a basic planning framework (Precede Proceed) and demonstrate proficiency in applying this to theories, concepts and models used for intervention at the individual-level, the community-level, and the societal-level.
  • Utilize qualitative and quantitative methods to identify disparate health outcomes and develop culturally relevant strategies for preventing and/or eliminating them.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in knowledge and critical reasoning needed for health promotion research and practice, and describe the “nested nature” of public health behavior problems and programs.
  • Assess the effectiveness of an existing program through the application of evidence-based approaches as they pertain to the development and evaluation of social and behavioral science interventions.

Area of Concentration Courses

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
* In rare instances, courses taught outside the Department of Health Behavior & Society may be more appropriate for students who have selected a specific topical area. To receive HB elective credit for any non-HB course within the CPH, students need to obtain approval from their academic advisor. To receive HB elective credit for any course outside of the CPH, students must obtain approval from both their advisor and the department chair.
  Area Requirements  
CPH 643 Measuring Health Behavior 3
CPH 672 Evidence-Based Public Health Planning & Practice 3
CPH 648 Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities 3
CPH 763 Ethics for the Public Health 3
  Electives* (2 Courses Required)  
CPH 641 Public health and Anthropology 3
CPH 644 Rural Health Disparities 3
CPH 645 Food Systems and Public Health 3
CPH 646 [Most sections, please refer to course catalog for specific offerings] 3
CPH 660 GIS Systems and Public Health 3
CPH 728 Health of Agricultural Populations 3
CPH 778 Special Topics (most sections, check with your advisor) 3