College of Public Health students graduating

Master of Science in Clinical Research Design

This program is designed to prepare practicing health care professionals and students pursuing a terminal degree (MD, PharmD, or similar) to conduct population based research. The program is targeted to students who wish to enhance their translational research skills and increase their knowledge of population-based health and clinical trials. MDs interested in an academic appointment will find that this degree program will make them competitive for the best positions, where research skills are becoming the norm. Others, such as doctoral candidates in the basic sciences, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, and psychology, will also find this program attractive for similar reasons.

The program is designed to accommodate graduates of the Certificate in Clinical Research Skills program in clinical and translational science for health-based professionals. The MS program is designed so that once a student has completed the graduate certificate he/she can seamlessly transfer into the program. All credits earned for the certificate count toward the MS program as either a required or elective course.