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Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center

Svetla Slavova

Department: Biostatistics • Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center

Title: Associate Professor

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Phone: (859) 323-7873

Location: 333 Waller Avenue Suite 242

CV: Svetla Slavova -Apr 2018(2).pdf

Dr. Slavova is an Associate Professor of Biostatistics and a faculty member within the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center. She received her Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Kentucky. Her current research interests are in the areas of statistical methodology in injury surveillance, health management research, drug overdose research, and motor vehicle crash modeling.

Richard Kryscio

Department: Biostatistics • Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center

Title: Professor

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Phone: (859) 257-4064

Location: MDS 201

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Dr. Richard J. Kryscio is professor, Department of Statistics, College of Arts and Sciences and Chair, Biostatistics, College of Public Health. He received his PhD and Masters in Statistics from SUNY. His research concerns many issues in Public Health including the clustering of disease in space and time, the spatial distribution of stroke and identification of risk factors for stroke, use of transvaginal sonography for the early detection of ovarian cancer, the mathematical theory of the spread of diseases, and statistical methodology used in Alzheimer's Disease (AD) research including clinical trials for preventing AD and Markov chains for modeling the flow of subjects through various cognitive health states with AD and death as a competing events.

Steve Browning

Department: Epidemiology • Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center

Title: Associate Professor

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Phone: (859) 218-2235

Location: CPH 209B

CV: Browning-Steve-CV-Dec-2015.pdf

Steven R. Browning, Ph.D., MSPH, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Epidemiology, College of Public Health, at the University of Kentucky.  Prior to becoming a faculty member in the College of Public Health, he was a faculty member in the College of Nursing and in Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health, College of Medicine at the University of Kentucky (1994-2005). Professor Browning’s research interests are in occupational, injury, and environmental epidemiology.  His primary expertise is in the design and analysis of longitudinal studies of injuries.  Dr. Browning teaches graduate level courses in advanced epidemiologic methods, study design, social, and cardiovascular epidemiology. He has advised over 80 graduate students for doctoral dissertations and master’s theses.

Dr. Browning holds an MSPH and a PhD in epidemiology from the Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He has conducted large scale population-based research projects on agricultural health concerns among farmers and farm families in the state of Kentucky.  He was principal investigator on a NIOSH-funded R01cohort study entitled “Children's Injuries on Kentucky Beef Cattle Farms" (1999-2002) and Co-PI on a grant funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, "Chronic Arsenic Exposure from Drinking Water and Reproductive Effects,” an international study undertaken in Chile.  Along with faculty in the College of Nursing, he has been an investigator on studies of the health of long haul truckers, of older farmers in Kentucky and South Carolina, and has undertaken research on the issue of suicide among older farmers in the Southeastern United States.

He has worked on a number of collaborative interdisciplinary research projects employing both traditional and novel epidemiologic research designs.  He received national recognition related to his research on a putative cancer cluster in Pennsylvania.  Dr.  Browning served as the evaluator of the Northern Kentucky Women’s Cardiovascular Assessment and Risk Reduction Education Project, a 1.5 million dollar grant initiative to reduce the prevalence of hypertension among women in northern Kentucky. 

Selected publications include:

Browning SR, Westneat SC, and McKnight R (2007). Suicide Mortality in Farmers in Three Southeastern States. Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health.

Marcum JL, Browning SR, Reed DB, Charnigo RJ. (2011) Farmwork-Related Injury Among Farmers 50 Years of Age and Older in Kentucky and South Carolina: A Cohort Study, 2002-2005. Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health 17(3): 259-273.

Heaton K., Browning SR, Anderson D. (2008) Variables that predict falling asleep at the wheel in long haul truck drivers AAOHN J. Sep;56(9):379-85.
Johnson NE, Browning SR, Westneat SM, Prince TS, Dignan MB. (2009) Respiratory symptom reporting error in occupational surveillance of older farmers. J Occup Environ Med. Apr; 51(4):472-9.

Sabrina Brown

Department: Epidemiology • Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center

Title: Associate Professor

Email Address:

Phone: (859) 257-6711

Location: CPH 205B

CV: WEB version_Brown_May_2016.pdf

Dr. Sabrina Brown serves as Associate Professor in the Department of Epidemiology, College of Public Health, at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Brown expanded the Kentucky Injury Surveillance Project in 2002, to meet requirements for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Violent Death Reporting System. Dr. Brown developed the CDC funded Kentucky Violent Death Reporting System, and serves as principal investigator. Together with Kentucky coroners, Dr. Brown developed the statewide Coroner Investigation Report, used by nearly all county coroners and the Coroner Investigation Reporting Web-based System, used by over half of Kentucky’s 120 county coroners (the reports’ development and distribution are detailed in American Journal of Health Behavior). She has also designed curriculum for annual coroner in-service trainings aimed at improving coroner death investigations, record keeping, and reporting practices. Dr. Brown holds a Master of Public Health in Environmental Health Sciences and a Doctor of Public Health concentrating in Biostatistics, both from the College of Public Health, University of Kentucky.

Additional public health publications are found in the Journal of the Kentucky Medical Association and Public Health Reports. Dr. Brown has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Eastern Kentucky University and Asbury College. She has a background in Journalism and worked as a television reporter/producer, WTVQ Channel 36, Lexington KY; television producer, WROC Channel 8, Rochester, NY; news anchor/reporter, WHAM 1180 AM Radio, Rochester, NY; and in public television and radio, WXXI, Rochester, NY. She was selected as a 2007 contributing columnist for the Lexington Herald-Leader, and produced six columns focusing on violence prevention and public health.

Dr. Brown serves on state and national committees, including the Training and Infrastructure Committee for the Society for Advancement of Violence and Injury Research. She presents yearly at various conferences and meetings, including the National Injury & Violence Prevention Research Conference, the Association of State Uniform Crime Reporting Programs, the Kentucky Public Health Association, and presents on national web casts.

Research Interests

Dr. Brown’s primary research interests have focused on violence prevention, developing statewide surveillance and reporting systems, and system evaluation. She developed the Kentucky Violent Death Reporting System, which addresses the need for accurate surveillance and data analysis to identify those populations at risk for violent death. She conducts epidemiologic analyses to assist in the development of prevention strategies, including program evaluation. The power of the national system comes from its expansive scope. Successful anti-gang and youth suicide prevention programs were implemented with the help of the NVDRS. The NVDRS software can be tailored almost limitlessly to specific needs. Dr. Brown was also principal investigator on a six-state pilot to develop a Nationwide Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Case Registry; results from the pilot have been implemented with the goal of full nationwide inclusion.

Dr. Brown has spearheaded several population-based studies: differences in suicide between men and women, intimate partner violence and homicide-suicides, and is currently collaborating on an ecological study, and a study linking morbidity and mortality rates to geographic areas to prevent infant death.

NPR Public Health Minute with Dr. Brown 

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