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Business Affairs


Policy & Procedures

A new business office webpage that includes University and College Policy and Procedure information along with Walkthrough and How-To Guides.

We work diligently ensure our faculty, staff, and students have access to up-to-date policies, procedures, and forms. If you have questions about a policy or form, please feel free to contact the Business Office.

UK College of Public Health Business Affairs
Suite 102/104, 111 Washington Avenue
Lexington, KY 40536

Contact Us:

J. Allen Eskridge III, PhD, MPA
Director, Strategic Planning & Financial Services | (859) 218-6586 | CPH 104A

Primary Duties: Administrate business activities for the college and manage the business office and its related activities. Implement and control the college budget, business procedures, and overall financial management for the college. Level 2 approver for transactions in excess of $10k.  Level 1 approver for cost centers and grants. 

Secondary (Backup) Duties: Manage HR related activities and cost distribution edits of faculty/staff.

Cherice Phelps
Budget Analyst | (859) 218-6195 | CPH 102B

Primary Duties: Budget manager for grant accounts and approver of grant related transactions.  The go to person for grants questions.  Oversees the budget for non-center grants and manages the cost distribution of staff and DOE (Distribution of Effort) of faculty. Level 1 approver for grants.

Secondary (Backup) Duties: Assist with college budget development, encumbrances, and grants related training

Morgan Nicholas
College Financial Analyst Senior | (859) 218-2028 | CPH 104C

Primary Duties: Manages cost center activity including purchasing, order processing, Journal Vouchers, and account management.  Assists with PRD, SRM, check transmittal inquiries.  Assists with opening/closing accounts.

Secondary (Backup) Duties: Assist with college reconciliation, approval of transactions relating to grants and travel review

Brian Goodley
Administrative Services Assistant | (859) 218-0143 | CPH 104

Primary Duties: Procard editor/poster and resource for proper documentation and procedures relating to procard use.  Student SAG/GSAS form processing.  Manages the training activity plan for positions. Admin support for all purchasing and travel for the office of the dean, including student affairs, IT, and CPH Business.

Secondary (Backup) Duties: Assist with college reconciliation, approval of transactions, and travel review.

Drew Ray
College Financial Analyst | (859) 218-2243 | CPH 102A

Primary Duties: Review and prepare account reconciliation for the college.  Provide labor distribution reports, and assistance with all posted transaction inquiries.

Secondary (Backup) Duties: Assist with DOE management, travel review, journal voucher processing, Imprest accounting guidance, and excel training.

Julie Johnson
HR Manager of Public Health | (859) 218-5416 | CPH 104E

Primary Duties: Manage HR related transactions for the college including new hire of faculty/staff/students, guidance with GA, RA, TA, and ongoing position management, timesheet review, and HR issues.

Please submit all HR, purchase, SAG, and other business proceses through the CPH ticket system.