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Cancer Biostatistics

As a Division in the Department of Biostatistics, our overall mission is similar in spirit to the department but with a focus on cancer-related quantitative research. The primary thrusts of our faculty as academic biostatistician scientists are three-fold. We conduct innovative research across a broad array of statistical science applicable to cancer-related research ranging from traditional and adaptively designed clinical trials, to analysis of high-throughput microarray data, to design and analysis methods for behavioral and epidemiologic population-based cancer research studies. We collaborate with cancer researchers by applying modern statistical methods in both the design and analysis to address issues and problems related to cancer. We also play a key role in disseminating this knowledge not only through publication but through the classroom in our role of training and educating graduate students; the next generation of biostatisticians. A critical goal that is served by these three roles of scholarship, collaboration and service and education is to enable cancer researchers to make appropriate and efficient inference and interpretation of their work that will ultimately enable a decrease in cancer burden in Kentucky, the US, and throughout the world.

As part of the Markey Cancer Center (MCC) at the University of Kentucky, our goal is to foster collaborative interactions among cancer center members in the provision of scientific and statistical support in all aspects of cancer research. To this end, our primary goal is to provide readily accessible, comprehensive and centralized support to Cancer Center members. More information regarding our Biostatistics Shared Resource Facility (BSRF) can be found at