College of Public Health students graduating


Doctor of Philosophy in Gerontology

The Doctor of Philosophy in Gerontology has been the mainstay and foundation of the Graduate Center for Gerontology since its founding in 1996. Students seeking to become national or international leaders in aging research, teaching, and service are best served by this degree. The Graduate Center for Gerontology continues to be an innovator in cell to society based gerontological research and maintains this mission with Faculty member interests that include: cell-based studies of neurodegeneration, functional studies of muscle hypertrophy, nutrition-based research to improve function, intervention strategies for health behavior and health promotion, rehabilitation, mental health and substance use management, investigation of high risk decision making strategies and identifying factors that influence those decisions, exploring ethical treatment of elders, especially their health, transactional perspectives on aging/environment interactions and their relationship to health and wellbeing, aging in rural and Appalachian environments, life course studies, gerontological education, working with local, state, national, and international leaders to change public policy, and many others.

Our students come from a variety of disciplinary and professional backgrounds, and their placement following graduation is equally diverse. For more information about the requirements and the application process contact our Director of Graduate Studies, John F. Watkins, Ph.D.

Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

The Gerontology Certificate is the oldest continuous Certificate offered at the University of Kentucky. The Certificate is designed as a mechanism to improve student knowledge and understanding of aging. In addition, the certificate is a great starting point for those interested in learning more about aging or those who are thinking about an advanced degree in Gerontology. The Certificate currently serves students from Social Work, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant Studies, Rehabilitation Sciences, Nursing, and other disciplines across campus who seek to get establish themselves as leaders with regard to the conditions, contexts, and consequences of our aging society.  The Certificate is also available to the general population who simply want to know more about aging and the older adults.

For more information about the course and practicum requirements and an application for our Certificate please visit the website, contact our Director of the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology, Graham D. Rowles, Ph.D. or contact the Certificate Coordinator, Andrea Perkins.