College of Public Health students graduating

Doctor of Philosophy in Gerontology

The Doctor of Philosophy in Gerontology has been the mainstay of the Graduate Center for Gerontology since its founding in 1996. Students seeking to become national or international leaders in aging research, teaching, and service are best served by this degree. The Graduate Center for Gerontology continues to be an innovator in holistic and integrated gerontological research and continues this mission with Core Faculty member interests that include: intervention strategies for health behavior and health promotion, transactional perspectives on aging/environment interactions and their relationship to health and wellbeing, community care systems and processes, aging in rural and Appalachian environments, life course studies of health behaviors and family dynamics, gerontological education, working with local, state, national, and international leaders to change public policy, and many others.

Our students come from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds ranging from English, history, and sociology to chemistry, molecular biology, and a variety of health professions.