College of Public Health students graduating

Master of Health Administration

Developing Leaders for 21st Century Healthcare

The MHA degree program is designed to provide graduate level education to individuals who, after appropriate managerial experience, are capable of assuming leadership positions in a variety of health services organizations.

The program has more than 350 alumni who are working in healthcare organizations in Kentucky, the nation, and abroad.

The mission of the MHA Program is to provide graduates with critical competencies required to succeed in leadership positions in health systems, hospitals and other complex health-related organizations and build a solid foundation for their future career development.

The MHA Program focuses on preparing students early in their career for positions that require management and strategic abilities, and places special emphasis on needs and opportunities in healthcare organizations within Kentucky and beyond. The program is structured primarily for full-time students; highly qualified part-time students follow a standardized curriculum sequence.

Our program is committed to preparing individuals for roles in a healthcare environment whose hallmark will be continuous change and multiple challenges. These complex challenges will create growing opportunities for persons with the knowledge, skills, and creativity to address them successfully - in other words, persons who are graduates of the University of Kentucky MHA program.