College of Public Health students graduating

Centers and Institutes

Center of Excellence in Public Health Workforce Research and Policy

In response to the need for organized research efforts directed at issues surrounding the public health workforce, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided, through their Office of Workforce and Career Development in collaboration with the Public Health Foundation, a Center of Excellence in Public Health Workforce Research and Policy (COEWRP) at the University of Kentucky College of Public Health.

The Center's mission is to initiate and coordinate strategic efforts to improve the public health workforce through research. The Center identifies workforce databases and catalogues them at the National Library of Medicine's Public Health Systems and Services Research Resources website, and it provides technical assistance to those wishing to use those databases for public health workforce research. The Center also participates in other scholarly activities concerning workforce research, including data harmonization, providing a venue and support for presentation of research results, and coordination with the current efforts of the University of Kentucky's Center for Public Health Services and Systems Research.

The Center envisions research outcomes will provide a basis for relevant enhancements and changes in public health policy related to the nation's public health workforce and the delivery of the essential services. To assist in these efforts, the Center has established a national advisory committee composed of prominent public health leaders and researchers who recognize the importance of strategic research in achieving Essential Public Health Service #8: Assure a competent public and personal health care workforce.

Kentucky and Appalachia Public Health Training Center

The Kentucky and Appalachia Public Health Training Center (KAPHTC) is one of 37 Public Health Training Centers (PHTC) across the United States. The Health Resources and Services Administration-funded Public Health Training Centers are partnerships between accredited schools of public health, related academic institutions, and public health agencies and organizations. The PHTC Network improves the Nation’s public health system by strengthening the technical, scientific, managerial and leadership competence of current and future public health professionals. PHTCs assess the learning needs of the public health workforce, provide accessible training, and work with organizations to meet other strategic planning, education, and resource needs. The primary mission of the KAPHTC is to expand partnerships and critical linkages among state and local practice, academic partners in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the Central Appalachian region to provide improved access to education and training for the current and future public health workforce.

Kentucky Public Health Leadership Institute

The Kentucky Public Health Leadership Institute (KPHLI) is a multi-disciplinary year-long development program for practitioners in the field of Public Health. Scholars who complete KPHLI are awarded a Certificate in Public Health Leadership from the Kentucky College of Public Health. KPHLI is one of 27 leadership institutes located throughout the United States and is a member of the National Public Health Leadership Development Network.  KPHLI’s goal is to strengthen Kentucky’s public health by improving the leadership skills of the professionals who administer state, regional, and local public health systems. The leadership institute looks for individuals with experience in different public health settings and an educational background in public health.

Ohio Valley Appalachia Regional Geriatric Education Center

The Ohio Valley Appalachia Regional Geriatric Education Center (OVAR/GEC) was established October 1, 1985, to provide education and training opportunities for health professionals and other personnel in order to enhance the availability and the quality of health care for older adults. The OVAR/GEC is a member of the National Association of Geriatric Education Centers, a national geriatric education initiative funded by the USDHHS, Health Resources and Services Administration, US Public Health Service, Bureau of Health Professions. OVAR/GEC is administratively based at the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center under the direction of the College of Public Health and serves as a base for communication and program collaboration for a consortium of four universities in a three-state region - University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, University of Cincinnati, and East Tennessee State University.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Kentucky

Members of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UK (OLLI at UK) experience the rich and diverse resources of the university while learning informally in the company of their own peers 50 years and older. Classes in Lexington, Morehead, and Somerset offer a tremendous variety of subjects and activities in short non-credit courses. Members are actively involved in planning the courses. Learning is a pleasure, and learning with friends is an even greater pleasure. We celebrate frequently though special events such as holiday luncheons, concerts, art exhibits and travel.

Summer Series on Aging

Summer Series on Aging is held annually each summer in Lexington, Kentucky. This conference provides a forum for professionals to obtain the most current information in geriatrics and gerontology from a broad-based, multidisciplinary perspective.