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FAA Pilot and Air Traffic Controller Exams

AME Examiners

Dr. T. Scott Prince is a certified Aviation Medical Examiner with over 20 years of experience. He performs FAA Class I, II, II, and student exams as well as Air Traffic Controller Exams at the UK HealthCare Turfland facility.

FAA Medical Application

Submit your FAA Medical Application prior to your appointment with our AME doctors. A confirmation code will be provided after a successful application has been processed. Please bring that code with you to your appointment. The application can be found at:


All payments for the FAA and ATC exams are due upon checkout.

How early should I come for my appointment?

We ask our patients to arrive fifteen minutes prior to their appointment to fill out the registration form. This form is provided on the following link: Registration Form. If possible, please complete and print off to bring with you to your appointment.

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