College of Public Health students graduating

Initiating a Proposal at CPH

Proposal development and submission:

  • Identify a relevant funding opportunity from Margaret McGladrey’s monthly opportunity digest, a PDO funding alert, or other funding opportunity search.
  • Send the funding opportunity announcement to Margaret McGladrey, along with your proposed title. She, Nancy Schoenberg, and Jeff Kurz will set up a consultation. This meeting will include identifying relevant University-wide resources and potential collaborators, ensuring fit with your project aims and the grant mechanism, and assisting with timeline—all designed to enhance your proposal's competitiveness and allow for an efficient process.
  • We strongly encourage you to send your proposal to internal and external reviewers well in advance of submission. For internal reviewers, Nancy Schoenberg can provide recommendations of on-campus faculty who may provide a rapid review. For external reviewers, the ADR’s office will assist you with this process by contacting individuals you’ve identified as experts in the topical focus, sending them your application, and providing the funds for the review (typically $200). Such a review must be initiated at least 4 weeks in advance of submission to provide sufficient time for the reviewer and for the investigator to revise his or her application accordingly.
  • Work with Margaret McGladrey to develop a checklist of items required for your proposal. She will assist you with meeting the administrative and scientific requirements of your funding opportunity; developing and reviewing materials such as facilities and resources descriptions, biosketches, and research plans; preparing budgets and justifications; and compiling application packets and internal approval forms. If you request editing, then please be sure to have your application to Margaret McGladrey at least 10 business days before submission.
  • Work with Margaret McGladrey to comply with OSPA’s timeline for routing the IAF prior to proposal submission. The IAF process should be initiated at least 10 business days before OSPA’s deadline to ensure that all co-investigators as well as their respective chairs and ADRs approve before the OSPA deadline. Margaret McGladrey can initiate the IAF on behalf of the PI if she is provided with a draft budget and justification, a draft abstract, and the desired F&A enrichment distribution percentages.
  • Work with Margaret McGladrey and Jeff Kurz to finalize your budget and complete compliance reviews of your proposal application package prior to submission by OSPA.



Identify opportunity and deadline


Notify ADR Office of intention to submit; receive checklist of required items from Margaret McGladrey

ASAP after identifying opportunity

Internal/external expert review request

At least 4 weeks prior to deadline

Work with Margaret McGladrey to initiate IAF

10 business days prior to deadline

Provide Margaret McGladrey with drafts of required items for editing

10 business days prior to deadline

Send Margaret McGladrey all checklist items so that she can compile the application packet

5 business days prior to deadline

IAF fully routed

3 days prior to deadline

Between proposal submission and award:

  • Consult with Nancy Schoenberg, your chair, and Margaret McGladrey when you receive information about the outcome of your grant review or if you require assistance with obtaining summary statements from review of your application. Such a consultation may include whether and how to contact your program officer for clarification on the review process and outcome, interpretation of the reviewer comments, and decisions on revising and resubmitting.
  • Work with Margaret McGladrey on developing your just in time (JIT) materials when funding appears imminent or when contacted by your program officer.

Post award:

  • Work with Margaret McGladrey to coordinate news releases to promote each new award received to ensure that faculty achievements are recognized across campus and beyond.
  • Work with CPH’s budget office, Jeff Kurz, and Margaret McGladrey to comply with all post-award requirements by providing ongoing consultation for questions regarding costing guidelines, supplemental funding, and institutional administrative issues.
  • Consult with Nancy Schoenberg and your department chair about scientific conduct and grants management issues.