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Greetings From Our Director


Greetings from Our Director

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, a type of cancer that is more prevalent in Appalachian KY than the rest of our state. Also more people from Appalachian KY die from colorectal cancer than those diagnosed with colorectal cancer living in other regions of KY. A major issue for people living in eastern KY is not being screened as recommended for colorectal cancer, resulting in diagnosis of colorectal cancer in later stages when chances of survival is lower. Colorectal cancer is usually a slow growing cancer that if detected early, can be treated giving those diagnosed a much higher survival rate.

Our center has just begun a new research project promoting colorectal cancer screening with a home collection kit of a fecal specimen to be tested for blood and immune system responses to polyps or cancer. The test is called FIT. It is very easy to use, and if you qualify for screening our research staff will provide you with a free kit. Once you return the kit we will process it and give you the results. If you have a positive result our staff will help you navigate the healthcare system to get further testing. If you are interested in receiving a free FIT kit, email Tom Collins, our project manager, at