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Career Services

In an effort to support students and alumni at all points along the employment path, the College of Public Health's Office of Admissions and Student Affairs (OASA) now provides career services.  It is our goal to bring together employers, students, and alumni to create a more collaborative and connected public health workforce!

Career Counseling

Want to discuss career decision making and job search strategies, have your resume and cover letter critiqued, conduct a mock interview, or learn more about the career resources available to you?  Career counseling appointments are available Monday-Friday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.  To make an appointment, e-mail Scot McIntosh, Director of Career & Alumni Services, at

Job Search Resources

Browse jobs, salaries, and common interview questions for free!

Silver Button

Public Health Online

In depth information regarding specialty public health careers.  Provides information through salary tools, career path timelines, and job resources.


Wildcat CareerLink

Maintained by UK's James W. Stuckert Career Center, this tool is free for current students and alumni.


Workshops, Programs, and Special Events

Student development integrates both in and out-of-class experiences of our students. We provide educational opportunities that are directed at developing both intellect and character of students.

To accomplish this, the University makes available a wide range of educational experiences through programs and activities that complement and support the academic experience in the classroom. Although the primary focus of these activities is to advance student learning, they also provide needed services, support, and recreational opportunities to help students meet the challenges of college and to enhance the quality of student life.

The College of Public Health offers the following workshops throughout the year to assist students with career development:  Dress for Success, CVs and Cover Letters, Resumes, Interviewing Skills, Networking Skills and Grant Writing.

Creating Written Credentials Preparing Effective Resumes and Cover Letters

Beyond basic formatting, turn your resumes and cover letters into self-marketing tools which are focused, targeted, and highlight your greatest and most relevant attributes.

Sharpening Your Etiquette Skills: Identifying and Articulating Your Strengths and Transferable Skills

What does your behavior say about you, including the way you dress and the subtleties of your body language? Make sure your behaviors make a positive impression!

Dressing for Success

This workshop addresses the importance of proper dress as it relates to interviewing and business situations. Information is shared about the difference between business attire and business casual.

Networking Demystified

Graduate students frequently report that face to face networking feels uncomfortable, inauthentic, or both.  But this is not an optional skill; you will work with and through others for most of your working life, and your ability to build and maintain productive relationships is foundational.

In this interactive workshop you will learn how to create conversation with people you don’t know, learn networking norms and strategies, and identify effective ways to follow up to create and sustain mutually beneficial professional relationships.

Leveraging Social Media as a Networking Tool

Why you need to Link in and Tweet? Everyone is telling you to Network, Network, Network! How do you find people willing and able to talk to you about possible career opportunities outside academia?  This workshop is designed to help you answer these questions.

Successful Interviewing

Differentiation is key in successful interviewing. From the handshake to thank you note, find out how to make yourself stand out in an interview, whether the interview is in-person, on the phone, or via SKYPE.

Interviewing is the rubber hitting the road moment where an employer evaluates how your knowledge and skills fit with their needs, and how your working style fits with their organization; there is much more to interviewing than being the most educated candidate or wearing the nicest suit. In this workshop you will learn the various types of interview questions, review a structure for crafting interview responses that illustrate your experiences, practice responding to interview questions in real time, and discuss effective nonverbal communication.

Searching for roles outside of the academy requires planning, research, and discipline; success depends on more than online search engines and mass resume/CV distribution. In this workshop, you will expand your knowledge of job search tools and resources, identify how your knowledge and skills match with role requirements, and build a structured job search plan.

Mock Interviewing: Speed Interviewing/Networking Reception

This event is for those students who need to polish their interviewing skills? If you have learned the basics but need more practice, this event is for you. Mock interviews are conducted by industry professionals who will give you immediate feedback.

Get yourself in front of others – Faculty, Alumni, Career Professionals, Public Health Preceptors - who will help students hone their in-person networking and interviewing skills and provide valuable feedback in a relaxed group atmosphere.

In addition, the UK Graduate also offers workshops throughout the year. Please check their website for upcoming events: