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Delta Omega Society Beta Gamma Chapter

Delta Omega is the honorary society for graduate students in public health. The Society was founded in 1924 at Johns Hopkins University, School of Public Health. There are currently 48 chapters throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. The national office is located at Association of School of Public Health. Any questions concerning Delta Omega can be sent to the Executive Secretary, Allison Foster. For information about the Beta Gamma Chapter at the University of Kentucky College of Public Health, contact Dr. Julia Costich, (859) 218-2029.


This Constitution was approved by the inaugural Executive Committee on February 10, 2006.

The name of this organization shall be the Delta Omega Society Beta Gamma Chapter.
The purpose of the Society shall be to encourage and recognize excellence in practice, research, education and academic achievement in the field of public health.
Except in the inaugural two years, the officers of the Chapter shall consist of an Immediate-Past President, a President, a President-elect, and a Secretary-Treasurer.

The officers shall be elected by a vote of the majority of the Chapter members present at the annual business meeting. Elections will be held every two years for all offices. The President-Elect will serve two years in that position, and then assume a two-year term as President, followed by another two year term as Immediate-Past President of the Society. The officers shall assume their duties as of January 1, following the annual business meeting.

If any officer in the Executive Committee (officers) is unable to complete his or her term, the remaining officers shall appoint a replacement who will serve until the next election by the Chapter.
Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of the Chapter shall consist of the national officers, and may include committee chairs or members-at-large appointed by the President, as described in the by-laws.
There shall be four categories of membership in Delta Omega.
  1. Student Membership: Student membership shall be selected by the Executive Committee. Members elected from the student body shall be approved at the annual business meeting. They shall be chosen with due regard to their scholarly attainments, commitment to service, involvement in college activities, and honorary character of Delta Omega. In order to be eligible for membership in Delta Omega in this category, the student shall: Possess a degree equivalent to or higher than the bachelor's degree. Be in the last semester leading to an advanced degree in public health. Intend, so far as can be ascertained, to follow a career in health or public health.
  2. A maximum of ten percent (10%) of graduating students shall be elected to membership in any one year. Those elected shall be from the upper twenty-five percent (25%) in class standing and have demonstrated real or potential qualities of leadership in public health. The total student group to be considered for membership shall only include persons who are candidates or who have received an advanced degree in public health during that current calendar year. The term "advanced degree in public health" as used in these By-laws, refers to the following degrees or their equivalents: Master of Public Health, Doctor of Public Health, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy.
  3. Faculty Membership: Faculty membership shall be selected by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will give particular attention to outstanding public health performance in scholarship, teaching, research and the quality of publications. The total number of faculty members elected in any one year may be up to three percent (3%) of the full-time faculty.
  4. Alumni Membership: Alumni membership shall be selected by the Executive Committee. Delta Omega may elect a maximum of ten graduated from the College whose work in the practice of public health would serve as a model for future graduates of the College for membership each year.
  5. Honorary Membership: Delta Omega may nominate honorary members to be elected by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee. This membership shall be limited and conferred only upon persons possessing exceptional qualifications who have attained a meritorious distinction in the field.
Annual Meeting
There shall be held annually a meeting of the Beta Gamma Chapter, at which time officers shall be elected biannually and chapter business conducted.
The emblem of the Society shall be a gold key with circular center, with the Greek letters Delta Omega engraved on the obverse.
The Chapter By-laws, established by the Executive Committee, will further define the regulations and operations of the Chapter and amendment procedures.
This constitution may be amended by two-thirds vote of the members present at the annual business meeting.
The Delta Omega Beta Gama Chapter has induction and annual dues. Induction dues are paid once when students, faculty or alumni are inducted into the Chapter. The induction dues are paid to the Delta Omega National Council to cover the expense of processing each new member into the Society. The National Council is at liberty to change the amount of induction dues. As of 2012, the fee for induction dues are $50.00.

Past Inductees

Lynne Hall
Joel Lee (t)
Michael Samuels

Patrick Breheny
Eli Capilouto

Ann Coker

Ray Garman

Andrew Johnson
Glen Mays

Larry Prybil

Martha Riddell

Chi Wang

Glyn Caldwell 2007

Forrest Calico 2010

Laverne Carter 2008

Steve Davis 2009

Kristine M. Gebbie 2010

William Hacker 2010

James W. Holsinger, Jr. 2007

Michael Karpf 2016
Rice Leach 2008

Stephanie Mayfield  
Thomas Samuel 2007

F. Douglas Scutchfield 2006

Douglas Thoroughman 2008

Stephen W. Wyatt 2006
Erin Abner 2006
Sondos Al Sa’d 2014

Samuel Antwi 2011

Kia Armstrong 2008

Paula Arnett 2012
Emily Beckelhimer 2014
Ibitola O. Asaolu 2013
Miriam Azuoru 2008

Daniel Barber 2016
Justin Blackburn 2007

Angela Carman 2012

Naomi Hudson Carter 2010
Leah Casanave 2013

Jan Chamness 2010
Radmila Choate 2014
Sarah Cprek 2014
Eric Durbin 2013

Andrea Durst 2016
Jennifer Gatz 2006
Angelica Geter 2015

Laura Hall 2006

Rachel Hall 2008

Edmond Hooker 2007

Bin Huang 2008

Richard Ingram 2011

John Kim 2010

Michael King 2006

Janice Kuperstein 2008

Susan Lawrence 2007

Amah Martin 2016
William Mase 2009

Ashley McCarty 2007

Carol McLay 2007
Jessica Ottmar 2014
Betty Ouyang 2014
Jordan Perkins 2016
Meagan Pilar 2016

Dinesh Poudyal 2012
Holly Poynter 2014
Audra Putt 2016
Krishnan Radhakrishnan 2014
Sara Reilly 2014

Jessica Rinsky 2009
Colleen Roberts 2015
Kady Rogers 2016
Courtney Ryan 2014

Donna Schmutzler 2011

Dazar Seidu 2009

Miriam Seigel 2016
Prayuth Sudathip 2008
James Stein 2014
Kingsley Uzodinma 2016
Rachel VanAtta 2015
Robin Cline Vanderpool 2006
Brent Webber 2016
Govind Warrier 2014
Ashton Wright 2014
Ban Al-Attar 2009
Kacy Allen-Bryant 2014
Andrew Beckett 2014

Joseph Benitez 2009

Keisa Bennett 2006

Michelyn Bhandari 2007

Alisa Bowersock 2011

Phyllis Bryden 2008

Erik Carlton 2016
Baretta Casey 2007

Lorie Chesnut 2006

David Clark 2011

Jessica Cobb 2011
Timothy Crawford 2013

Christopher Day 2006

Angela Dearinger 2007
Karen Early 2013
Greg Easterling 2014

LeChrista Finn 2010

Terri Foxx 2010

Charles Griffith 1994
April Harris 2013

Torrie Harris 2010
Jenna Hatcher Keller 2013

Georgia Heise 2012
Rachael Hogg 2016
Alex Howard 2014

Brandon Hurley 2011

Tourette Jackson 2006
Patricia Ransal Jennings 2006
Swannie Jett 2013

Peace Jessa 2006

Karen Kryscio 2007

Dorathy Lachman  
Cynthia Lamberth 2006

Jeffrey Levin 2010

Anthony LoBianco 2006

Jasie Jackson Logsdon 2012

Erin Louis 2010

Elizabeth Masterson 2006

Sabine Gunther Meuse 2011

Rosie Miklavcic 2004
Apryl Moore 2014

George Moorman 2008

Shalini Parekh 2010

Shelia Pressley 2016
Jennifer Redmond 2006

Deborah Reed 2011
Frank Romanelli 2013

Sara Robeson 2011

Kulwinder Sekhon 2016
Tiago Souza 2011
TJ Sugg 2014

Sabrina Walsh 2008

Regina Washington 2008
Andrew Waters 2013

John Williams 2007
Linda Alexander 2014
Tyrone Borders 2013
Terry Bunn 2013
Heather Bush 2012

Richard Charnigo 2011

Richard Clayton 2007

Julia Costich 2009

Richard Crosby 2010

David Fardo 2016
Richard Kryscio 2007
Joel Lee 2006
David Mannino 2014

Robert McKnight 2006

William Pfeifle 2011

T. Scott Prince 2008

Wayne Sanderson 2011

Brent Shelton 2012

Pamela Teaster 2010

Thomas Tucker 2008
John Wiggs (d) 2006
Corrine Williams 2016
Mark Williams 2016

(d) = deceased
(t) = transferred to another Chapter