Swim Lessons

General Information

GROUP & PRIVATE SWIM LESSONS:  For the Spring 2017 Semester, we have a limited number of Swim Lesson Instructors. While we accept requests, please understand our limitations of being short staffed and we may not be able to meet your needs.  Currently, we will try to accommodate on a first come first serve basis and not guaranteed due to our limited instructors.

*Other options in town for swim lessons include, Lexington Parks & Recreation, YMCA, and Transylvania University, and Lexington Athletic Club.

Swim lessons are taught by Water Safety Instructors certified by the American Red Cross. The classes will be held at Lancaster Aquatic Center pool located on the corner of University and Complex Drive on the University of Kentucky's campus. Participants must register in advance for courses.  Registration will close on Sunday prior to the start day of class. Additional questions you may call (859) 257–7940 and ask for Lillian Hutzell, or email uky.wsi@gmail.com.




$40 - per six group lessons / for UK student, faculty, or staff 

$50- per six group lessons / for participants not affiliated with UK

Group Lessons are 30 minutes long, and participant recieves a t-shirt after the 6 group lessons are completed.  Additional Group Lessons can be scheduled depending on the demand. The Lancaster Aquatic Center requires a minimum height of 40” for Private and Group lessons.

To sign up for any of the following four kinds Group lessons below, please fill out the Waiver Form and either call or visit the Lancaster Aquatic Center Membership Sales desk. You will also have to pay the Lesson fee at that time.


ADULT GROUP SWIM LESSONS  (min. of 2 and max. of 5 participants)

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Session #1: January 31st - February 16th

Session #2: February 21th - March 9th

Session #3: March 21st - April 6th

Session #4: April 11th - April 27th


KENTUCKY AQUATICS SWIM LESSONS (min. of 2 and max. of 5 participants)

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 4:45 pm to 5:15 pm

Session #1: Cancelled

Session #2: February 27th - March 10th

Session #3: March 20th - March 31th

Session #4: April 3rd - April 14th

Session #5: April 17th - April 28th


*Kentucky Aquatics Swim Lessons are for those children who wish to join the Kentucky Aquatics Club Swim Team but are not at the appropriate skill level.


BEGINNER CHILD SWIM LESSONS (min. of 2 and max. of 5 participants) 

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Session #1: January 31st - February 16th

Session #2: February 21th - March 9th

Session #3: March 21st - April 6th

Session #4: April 11th - April 27th


INTERMEDIATE CHILD SWIM LESSONS (min. of 2 and max. of 5 participants) 

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Session #1: January 31st - February 16th

Session #2: February 21th - March 9th

Session #3: March 21st - April 6th

Session #4: April 11th - April 27th




$25 - per individual private lesson / for UK student, faculty, staff and dependent 

$30 - per individual private lesson / for participants not affiliated with UK:

Private Lessons are 30 minutes long and participant receives a t-shirt after 3 private lessons are completed. You can pay for as many single private lessons as you would like to take. You will contacted by the swim instructor to set up lesson times.

Private Lessons: Private lessons offer one-on-one instruction. They are scheduled directly with the instructor. Please use the link below to register and give us information so we can pair you with an instructor.  Please note, our instructors are UK students and will do their best to accomodate your requested time for lessons with their academic schedules.

Private Swim Lesson Request Form




Level 1: This level focuses on the fundamentals of swimming including water independence, coordinated arm and leg movements, and proper body positioning. Floating with minimal support as well as kicking with support is practiced. Basic coordinated arm and leg movements on front and back will also be a part of this class.

Level 2: Arm and leg movements will become more defined in this level as coordinated breathing is introduced. Swimming on the back, basic water survival skills and an introduction to deep water will also be highlighted.

Level 3: Increasing strength and endurance is the primary focus of the level as the participants will begin swimming lengths of the pool. Elementary backstroke and sidestroke are introduced.

Level 4: Swimming distance will be increased significantly in this level as proper turns, breaststroke and butterfly are introduced.

Level 5: Endurance and technique are further developed and challenged. Flip turns are introduced.

Level 6: Lifetime fitness philosophy is used to motivate fine tuning of stroke techniques. Basic competitive swimming concepts are also taught.



Adult Beginner: This class is open to the fearful or first-time swimmer. Instruction provided will be based upon the specific desires of the adults taking the class.

Adult Intermediate: This class is for more advanced swimmers who want to focus on improving stroke technique and refining finer swimming details. Specific instruction will be tailored to the specific desires of the adults enrolled in the course.



Class Information 

Some dates are subject to be rescheduled due to events.

Private Lessons - please use the Private Swim Lesson Request Form listed above




  • Cancellation/Refunds:All group lessons require at least 2 participants to run. Cancellations made prior to the first day of class will be honored. After the first day of class, no refunds will be given. If there is an extenuating circumstance, the participant will speak with the Graduate Assistant.
  • Registration:Participants can register for Group Lessons at the Membership Sales desk in the Lancaster Aquatics Center or by mailing in the forms & payment. You must register for courses by the Thursday prior to the start date of the course, excluding Session #1.  Private Lesson registration is completed by using the Private Lesson Request Form.  Private Lessons are assigned on an individual basis.
  • Scheduling: Group sessions consist of 6, 30 minute lessons. Refer to each lesson session for the schedule above. 
  • Missed Class:There are no make up lessons if a participant must miss class due to their own scheduling conflicts.
  • Payment: Payment must be made at the time of registration at the Membership Sales Desk.  
  • Parking:  There is no free parking on UK campus for weekdays, Monday - Friday.  Use Parking Structure #7, located on Sports Center Drive, $2/hour during weekdays.  On Saturday and Sunday, use PS #1, near the VA Medical Center, located at the corner of University Dr. and Cooper.  This parking structure is free on weekends only.  Do not park on University Drive unless you have a UK Parking permit AT ANYTIME.



To register for a class, PRINT and mail the registration slip below, along with a check or money order payable to "University of Kentucky" or pay with a credit card. Be sure to open, print, and sign the Waiver Form and mail it along with the following section.

Mail to:
Swim Lessons
University of Kentucky
Lancaster Aquatic Center
416 Complex Drive
Lexington‚ KY 40506–0219

Name of Participant:_____________________________________________

Date: _____________________________



Name of UK Affiliate (student, faculty, staff, or none):_____________________

UK ID#: ___________________________

Age of participant:________

Parent Contact (if participant is a minor):


Beginner or Intermediate?:_____________________________________________

Brief description of the swimming skills you would like to develop listed from website: ____________________________________________


Lesson List Session requested (level, dates, times): ___________________________________

For Lessons please circle the class you would like to participate in:



Enclosed SIGNED Waiver Form (must have to participate on first day): ___________

I have enclosed a check payable to University of Kentucky. Please enroll me in swim lessons.


Today's date: ________________