Fit Pro: Learn. Certify. Work. Have Fun.

Are you a Fitness minded individual that wants to LEARN how to become a Fitness Professional, get CERTIFIED, WORK making good money, and HAVE FUN helping others reach their full potential?  All for FREE?

If so, FIT PRO is for you!!  In collaboration with the National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness is proud to offer it's retooled  Fitness Instructor and Trainer preparation/certification course.

Now you can prepare,  get certified for FREE, and once certified we will give you a job!

Certified Personal Trainer 

FIT PRO PT is based upon NETA's Personal Training Curriculum for preparation for the certification.  Participants will also gain hands on experience through working with Certified Fitness Professionals during the program.    

  • Preparation Course- February 3rd and 4th: Course taught by Fitness Graduate Assistant and Certified Personal Trainer designed to educate students in the foundational knowledge of a Personal Trainer
  • Study & Practice- February 5th-  February 23rd:  Study for the NETA exam and Shadow a Certified Personal Trainer working with real clients!  
  • Certification Weekend- February 24th and 25th:  Attend the NETA Review Workshop and Certification Weekend 

Certified Group Fitness Instructor 

FIT PRO GFI is based upon NETA's Group Exercise Instructor curriculum for preparation for the certificaton.  Participants will also gain real life experience in working with Certified Fitness Professionals during the program.  

  • Preparation Course- February 10th and 11th: Course taught by Fitness Graduate Assistant and Certified Group Fitness Instructor designed to educate students in the foundational knowledge of a Group Fitness Instructor
  • Study & Practice - February 12th - March 2nd:  Study for the NETA exam and Team Teach with a Cerfied Group Fitness Instructor teaching real classes!  
  • Certificaton Day- March 3rd:  Attend NETA Review Workshop and Certification session 

How It Works

  •  Apply and Interview for slot in Group Fitness or Personal Training Course
  • Once selected participant will attend a prepration course for the official NETA Certification Weekend
  • Work with Certified Fitness Instructor/Trainer to develop hands on skills related to position for three weeks (shadow  training sessions/ team teaching fitness classes) 
  • Study and prepare for NETA certification (3 weeks to prepare) 
  • Successfully Pass NETA Certifcation Test and  hired as a Level I- Certified Trainer/Instructor ($9 hr)
  • Begin to Group Fitness Classes or conduct Personal Training Sessions and after conducting at least 10 sessions/classes will be eligible for evaluation for consideration as a Level II -Certified Trainer/Instructor ($18 hr) 



This program is only open to University of Kentucky Students 


Application Process 

1. Send a copy of your resume and a cover letter via email outlining why you should be considered for the program to Lindsay Thomayer at Deadline for Consideration: January 21st, 2018 

2.  Interviews for the program will be conducted January 22- January 30th 

3.  Individuals selected will be agree to: 

  • Attend Prep Course for specific area of interest (Personal Training-  February 3rd and 4th,  Group Fitness - February 10th & 11th) 
  • Commit and prepare for certification during the month of February 
  • Take part in Mentor/Shadow process of Certified Fitness Staff during the month of February 
  • Attend the NETA Workshop & Certification for specific area of Interest ( Personal Training- February 24th & 25th,  Group Fitness - March 3rd) 
  • Upon successful Certification participant will  work for program for one year as Certified Trainer/ Instructor (Level I - at least 10 sessions, $9 hr,  Level II - $18 hr) 


Fit Pro Questions? Contact Lindsay Thomayer, Fitness Coordinator for assistance: or 859-257-3928