Fitness Challenge

The Spring Fitness Challenge is here!  The Department of Campus Recreation & Wellness in colloboration with, is proud to offer this free program for all Johnson Center Members to track regular activity and learn more in improving their well- being. 

Take part in more than 4 hours of any type of exercise each week during February 6th - April 23rd to earn a Free Campus Recreation & Wellness T-Shirt!   Simply record more than 4 hours of physical activity in any mode of your choice to receive a T-Shirt.

The 95210 portal also allows each user to track and monitor daily habits!! All participants will able to utilize all functions throughout the remainder of the semester!    




All UK Students and Johnson Center Members (faculty/staff, and spouse members) are eligible  to use the 95210 portal.   Please note only verified UK Students and Johnson Center members that complete the challenge will be eligible for a T-Shirt. 


How Do I Sign Up?  

To sign up, please CLICK HERE to access the UK registration portal for and follow the steps outlined on the page.  Please note, when registering, PLEASE USE YOUR UK EMAIL as your username.

Please note that you will be asked to provide an access code to register.  The access code is wildcats.   

How Do I Track My Exercise Data? 

To track your exercise data, login into the portal using your username/password.  Once logged in, you can track your exercise time under the "Tracking" Icon on the menu and select "Track Exercises" You can then track your exercise minutes through various activities!  Once the specific activity is selected,  and then add your exercise minutes on the date that you worked out. That's it. Simple! 

The 95210 website is mobile friendly!  Use your web browser on your mobile device and open up the portal and sign in. Make it accessible by bookmarking the site and add it to your device homescreen for easy access!!

**If you access the site via a mobile device, Exercise Tracking is easily accessed by clicking on the RED 1 at the top of the mobile site!


Track Other Habits

The 95210 portal also allows you to track additional habits such as tracking Sleep, Water intake, or Body Weight. Please feel free to track additional habits to assist you in your Wellness Journey.   


Workout Calendar 

In addition to being able to track various habits, the 95210 portal includes a Workout Calendar to help you plan and record data about your workouts such as sets, reps, etc.  To access this function click on the "My Workout Calendar" under the "Tracking" Menu on the portal or click on the "Workouts" tab on the mobile site 


Important Information

  • All tracking except Exercise minutes is not viewable by other particpants in the fitness challenge. This is your personal resource to help you! 
  • In addition to various tracking options, educational resources are included in each tracking area under the "Learn More" tab at the top page of each habit tracker 
  • Information provided during registration can be edited at a later under each participant's user profile at the top right of the page after logging in.
  • Passwords are case sensitive and require a minumum of 5 characters


T-Shirt Pick Up

T-Shirts will be distributed for particpants that complete the challenge at the Johnson Center Main Control Desk beginning April 25th - May 5th


Want To Start to Exercise, But Don't Know Where to Start? 

  • The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) reccomends at least 150 minutes each week of Cardiovascular exericse, 2-3 sessions incorporating weight training, flexibility, and functional exercises 
  • Want to improve your cardio, strength, or flexibility?  Try one of more than 75 Free Group Fitness classes weekly!  Barre' is our newest big hit! 
  • Want an individualized program specific to your training goals?  Meet with one of our National Certified Personal Trainers! 
  • Do you want to learn more about how to use equipment within the Fitness Facility?  Request a FREE Equipment Orientation led by a Personal Trainer! 
  • What if you want find out your current Fitness levels?  Request a FREE Fitness Asessment conducted by one of our Personal Trainers!



Please contact Casey Gilvin, Fitness Director at or 859.257.3928