Equipment Videos

You can now watch videos on how to use our Cybex Selectorized machines, Hoist fitness equipment, Precor Leg Press, Paramount Functional Trainer, Krankcycle and Legend Glute/Ham Raise and Low Back Extension. Click on each link below to access the video!  You can also access these videos at our Computer Kiosk located in the upstairs fitness area or by scanning the QR codes on the equipment in the upstairs fitness area.

Cybex Equipment

Cybex Abdominal 

Cybex Arm Curl 

Cybex Arm Extension

Cybex Back Extension

Cybex Chest Press

Cybex Chin Assist

Cybex Dip Assist

Cybex Fly

Cybex Glute

Cybex Hip Abduction

Cybex Hip Adduction

Cybex Incline Pull

Cybex Lateral Raise

Cybex Leg Extension

Cybex Leg Press

Cybex Overhead Press

Cybex Prone Leg Curl

Cybex Pulldown

Cybex Rear Delt

Cybex Row

Cybex Seated Calf

Cybex Standing Calf

Cybex Torso Rotation Lower

Cybex Torso Rotation Upper

Cybex Tricep Press

Hoist Equipment

Hoist Abdominal

Hoist Back Extension

Legend Fitness Equipment

Legend Glute/Ham Raise

Legend Low Back Extension



Paramount Equipment

Paramount Functional Trainer

Precor Equipment

Precor Leg Press