Small Group Training

Want personalized attention while working out with a group of your friends or colleagues?  For $5 a person, per session, you can register your own group and select one of the formats below to add a new progressive yet exclusive workout to your fitness routine!  Each Small Group Training session will be conducted over four weeks and meet with a coach twice weekly!  


8 sessions for $40 bucks! What a Deal!



Blue Theory

Coaches: Lindsey W. and Dillon H. 

With Polar Heart Rate Technology, track your heart rate zones in this high intensity interval training format! Watch your heart rate on a screen as you move through the workout.  Hit the zonesthat push you outside your comfort zone for optima results!   


Wildcat WOD

Coaches: Miriam H. 

Come join friends for a super fun and challenging workout of the day- tailored to your individual fitness level!  Switch up your current routine with a crose between strength training and conditioning bouts to really push your limits.   


Women's Barbell Training 

Coaches: Eleni M. 
Come to women's only small group to learn the fundamentals and progressions of barbell training.  Let Eleni give you the confidence and knowledge you need to strengthen your body in a new way!  


Power Cats 5x5

Coaches: Adam B.
Power Cats 5X5 is the simplist, most effective workout to get stronger and build muscle! Learn the five basic barbell compound movements:  Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Overhead Press, and Bent Over Row  and how to use them to see results in just 4 weeks!



To register for a Small Group, please complete the Small Group Training Request Form.  You will be contacted by a fitness representative within 2 business days!   

Please note the Small Group Training Program is a paid service. Each group member must pay for all eight sessions prior to beginning the program! Once confirmed by a member of the Fitness Staff, payment can be processed in the Johnson Center main office, Monday - Friday, 7am- 6pm.  



Contact or call 859-257-3928 for more information!