General Information

This course fulfills certification requirements for life guarding at most private and public swimming pools in the United States. Below is a listing for classes being offered by the Lancaster Aquatic Center. The classes will be held at the Seaton Center/LAC Pool located on the corner of University and Complex Drives on the University of Kentucky campus. Additional questions you may have should be directed to Claire McCarthy (859) 257–7940, or email Classes taught at the Lancaster Aquatic Center are the American Red Cross 2017 course updates. Our Instructors provide the MOST recent updates for Lifeguarding certifications.

Registration will close on Thursday prior to the start day of class.

Course Cost: $250.00 for UK Affiliates / $270.00 for non UK Affiliates

*Books will be provided for the course; however, if a participant wishes to keep the book they must purchase one for an additional $40 dollars. Participants can download the material from the Red Cross website at no cost.


  1. Must be at least 15 years of age by the end of the class.
  2. If you have a UK LinkBLUE account, you can complete your registration for the course on line.  If you do not have a UK account, complete Course Regristration  and Waiver Form.  Please print. mail the registration, wavier and payment to:
    University of Kentucky
    Lancaster Aquatic Center
    416 Complex Drive
    Lexington‚ KY 40506–0219
  3. Must successfully perform skills test first day of class:
    • Swim 300 yards continuously of either breaststroke or freestyle NO TIME REQUIREMENT.
    • Start in the water‚ swim 20yds using front crawl or breaststroke‚ surface dive 7-10 feet‚ retrieve a 10 pound object‚ return to the surface‚ swim 20 yds back to the starting point with the object and exit the water without using a ladder or steps‚ within the time frame of 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Students who successfully complete the pre–requisite skills test are required to attend and participate in all subsequent sessions‚ which include classroom work and skills practice. To receive certification‚ students must satisfactorily perform all CPR‚ first aid‚ and water rescue skills‚ and pass two 50 question multiple choice written tests with at least an 80% average on each. Upon successful completion of the course‚ students will be certified in Lifeguard Training‚ Community First Aid and Safety‚ and CPR for the Professional Rescuer.

Refunds will only be issued if the student does not pass the pre–course‚ or the class is cancelled. There will be a refund check issued after 20 days.

Enrollment in each class is limited to the first 15 paid participants (minimum of 3 participants to host a course /maximum of 15). *Additional classes will be added to the schedule, based on demand.

To register for a class‚ clip and send the registration slip below and the Waiver Form‚ along with a check or money order payable to University of Kentucky‚ to:

University of Kentucky
Lancaster Aquatic Center
416 Complex Drive
Lexington‚ KY 40506–0219

Class Information:

Please register early for our classes. Registration will close on Thursday prior to the start day of class. To host a course we must have three participants. 
You can register on line if you have a UK LINKBlue account. Please click on Aquatic Programs and log in!


Access past certifications from courses taken at the Lancaster Aquatic Center

To access a certification you acquired from us (at least a week after a completed course), please follow the directions located at this site.  Enter 40506 for the postal code.  You have to know the last date of the course you took. 

2018 Spring Lifeguarding Course Listing.  This course provides the 2017 ARC updates (Printable Copy for specific dates and times)

2018 Spring Lifeguard Review Course Listing.  Our instructors are teaching the 2017 ARC Updates.  All participants must possess a current ARC Lifeguard Cert to participate in this course.


Please call 257-7940 or email for waiting list information

Please meet in the lobby of the Lancaster Aquatic Center on the first day of class.Additional Information

  • Parking: There is no free parking on UK campus for weekdays, Monday - Friday. Use Parking Structure #7, located on Sports Center Drive, $2/hour during weekdays. On Saturday and Sunday, use Parking Structure #1, near the VA Medical Center, located at the corner of University Drive at Cooper Drive. This parking structure is FREE on Saturdays and Sundays ONLY. DO NOT PARK ON UNIVERSITY DRIVE AT ANY TIME.

Please print & mail this section with payment. Be sure to open, print, and sign the Waiver Form and mail it along with the following section.
Please PRINT

Name of Participant:


Name of UK Affiliate if applicable:




City/State/Zip Code:




Date of Birth:




Emergency Contact PLEASE PRINT

Name:_________________________________ Phone:____________________


I have enclosed a check payable to University of Kentucky. Please enroll me in the Lifeguard Training Course selected below:

Please List One:


Class#___ Full Course, $250 (UK Affiliate) or $270 (non UK Affiliate)

LGI Full Course ___$250 (UK Affiliate) or $270 (non UK Affiliate)
LGI Review****____$110(UK Affiliate) or $130 (non UK Affiliate)
                              ****Must have current ARC LG cert to participate