Student Wellness Ambassadors


The Student Wellness Ambassadors mission is to inform students on aspects of wellness such as alcohol, drugs, mental health, general well-being, and financial wellness in order to promote safe and responsible lifestyle decisions.  This is a group of highly motivated and well-trained students who organize educational programs and events throughout campus and the community.  The SWA believe that all students have the right to make their own decisions on issues - we just help provide them with quality, research-based information.

To contact us for questions regarding what we offer or how to get involved, please feel free to email us.


Meet the Ambassadors

Name: Dirshani Dayaram

Year: Junior

Major: Human Health Sciences & Public Health

Why you love SWA: I love SWA because it allows me to not only teach other students about the different forms of wellness but also how to integrate a healthy lifestyle into a busy college schedule. As an ambassador I have also had the opportunity to organize events around campus that promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Fun Fact: My brother and I are 364 days apart.


Name: Manalee Patel

Year: Junior

Major: Neuroscience

Why you love SWA: I love SWA because it's a good way for students to learn random facts that are essential for certain situations.

Fun Fact: I went on a mission trip to Peru.


Name: Siraj Patel

Year: Senior

Major: Business Management (Pre-Pharmacy Track)

Why you love SWA: I love SWA more now because it has allowed me to make an impact on so many people's lives. Getting to make connections with students and really making a difference on campus is why I love SWA!

P.S. The Well Hut is awesome too! 

Fun Fact: I flew around the world this summer. I flew from the USA to Japan, then to Europe, and finally back to the USA. I left for Japan from the west coast and then back from Europe to the east coast. I have also studied abroad, once in college and once in middle school. This past summer I studied abroad in Japan with the UK College of Pharmacy. When I was in middle school I went to boarding school in India for two years. I learned more about my culture, religion, and language. Both were amazing experiences! 


Name: Kishan M. Patel

Year: Senior

Major: Human Nutrition

Why you love SWA: SWA is a very unique way of expressing yourself as a leader within the campus community. As an ambassador, we are able to promote all aspects of wellness through different events around campus. What I love most about SWA is the interactions we have with the campus every day!

Fun Fact: I went to study abroad in Europe during the summer of 2017! I studied healthcare for older people in the countries of Scotland, England, and Wales. I also took an extra trip to Italy to experience the best food on the planet. I highly recommend studying abroad!


Name: Takaia Rouse

Year: Junior

Major: Public Health

Why you love SWA: I am looking forward to interacting with other students on campus and helping create healthy lifestyles. 

Fun Fact: My birthday is on Christmas.


Name: Neely Patel

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biology

Why you love SWA: I am so excited about the events on campus and getting involved more!

Fun Fact: I smashed my finger in the car door when I was 10 (but didn't break it!). 


Name: Rachel Reynolds

Year: Freshman

Major: Human Health Sciences

Why you love SWA: I can't wait to have the opportunity to work with my peers and other health organizations on campus! SWAs have the chance to do a variety of jobs like peer education and advertising, and I am excited to be a part of a motivated group of individuals!

Fun Fact: I love doing yoga; it's one of my passions! I also speak passable Spanish. 


Name: Avnee Patel

Year: Sophomore

Major: Neuroscience

Why you love SWA: I love SWA because it gives students resources and information about the different aspects of wellness.

Fun Fact: I traveled to Europe during winter break.