University Registrar

Registrar Mission Statement

The Mission Statement for the Registrar's Office directly supports the three main divisions of the University of Kentucky's mission - teaching, research, and service.

  1. First, the Registrar's Office has goals aimed at supporting the instructional mission for undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, professional, and lifelong education. Specifically, we manage the student records database, maintain the integrity of all academic student records, publish the University Bulletin, manage advising/orientation and registration for new and continuing students. We strive to serve our constituents - faculty, staff, and students in a manner to disseminate, share, and apply knowledge. Each division of the Registrar's Office has the goal of excellent service related to: advising/orientation/registration, student records support - transcripts, enrollment certifications, veterans affairs, publishing of official documents such as the University Bulletin and Schedule of Classes, class rolls, grade sheets, transfer course equivalency information, residency, NCAA and VA certification, classroom scheduling and degree-audit.
  2. Second, we support research efforts through Data Management. Indirectly, data generated through this division helps to support research initiatives across the University related to academic issues, enrollment, retention, and graduation concerns.
  3. And third, we provide service to alumni and the public sector in a variety of areas such as: working with groups and external organizations desiring space on campus, verification of degrees and enrollment for alumni as well as employers within the guidelines of FERPA, Bulletins and Schedules of Classes are provided to businesses around the state to inform employees who may be interested in taking classes, certification of enrollment through the National Clearinghouse, efforts related to residency and policy interpretation across the state, and cooperation and assistance in the planning and implementation of joint degree programs across the state.