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Registrar Mission Statement

The Mission Statement for the Registrar's Office directly supports the three main divisions of the University of Kentucky's mission - teaching, research, and service.

  1. First, the Registrar's Office has goals aimed at supporting the instructional mission for undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, professional, and lifelong education. Specifically, we manage the student records database, maintain the integrity of all academic student records, publish the University Bulletin, manage advising/orientation and registration for new and continuing students. We strive to serve our constituents - faculty, staff, and students in a manner to disseminate, share, and apply knowledge. Each division of the Registrar's Office has the goal of excellent service related to: advising/orientation/registration, student records support - transcripts, enrollment certifications, veterans affairs, publishing of official documents such as the University Bulletin and Schedule of Classes, class rolls, grade sheets, transfer course equivalency information, residency, NCAA and VA certification, classroom scheduling and degree-audit.
  2. Second, we support research efforts through Data Management. Indirectly, data generated through this division helps to support research initiatives across the University related to academic issues, enrollment, retention, and graduation concerns.
  3. And third, we provide service to alumni and the public sector in a variety of areas such as: working with groups and external organizations desiring space on campus, verification of degrees and enrollment for alumni as well as employers within the guidelines of FERPA, Bulletins and Schedules of Classes are provided to businesses around the state to inform employees who may be interested in taking classes, certification of enrollment through the National Clearinghouse, efforts related to residency and policy interpretation across the state, and cooperation and assistance in the planning and implementation of joint degree programs across the state.

Enabling Strategies from the UK Strategic Plan

The following enabling strategies are taken from the UK Strategic Plan and are directly or indirectly supported by the Registrar's Office through our Mission Statement and goals.

  • Provide timely and informed student advising.
  • Emphasize recruitment of the most qualified undergraduate students, while maintaining open access through the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.
  • Enhance special undergraduate programs such as the Honors Program, UK 101, and the Freshman Discovery Seminars.
  • Strengthen new student advising and orientation programs to ease the transition to college and improve first-year and transfer student retention rates.
  • Enhance the management strategy and support for undergraduate student recruitment, enrollment, and retention.
  • Strengthen, coordinate, and centralize student support services, including financial aid, billings and collections, and other relevant Student Affairs units.
  • Strengthen programs to increase interaction among all University students, with special emphasis on residence life.
  • Continue the University's tradition as a public land grant institution by maintaining open access through the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.
  • Recruit, retain, and provide on-going support for minority and women faculty, students, and staff.
  • Continue efforts to simplify course transferability and program articulation among the Commonwealth's public institutions of higher education.
  • Renovate and modernize, where most needed, class, seminar, and conference rooms.
  • Deploy information technologies to increase access to educational, research, and service opportunities for students and communities across the Commonwealth.
  • Provide resources, training, and services to assist faculty to integrate technology into their teaching, research, and public service.
  • Use information technologies, especially the World Wide Web, to streamline information flow within the University and to enhance communications with our many constituencies, and develop standards for appearance and content of the University Web pages.
  • Strengthen assessment methods and use assessment results in all administrative and educational support units to identify strengths and weaknesses and to initiate improvements in programs, policies, and procedures.
  • Evaluate, allocate, and use University space consistent with institutional priorities.
  • Further develop and implement an ongoing plan to refurbish, update, and maintain classroom space and instructional equipment in response to instructional needs.
  • Enhance dialog among administrators, faculty, staff, and students to promote openness and mutual respect.
  • Enhance diversity in both the composition and leadership of University units.
  • Foster a work environment that values individuals and their contributions and that enhances their development.
  • Continue to charge administrators with fostering a climate that enhances the professional growth of all faculty and staff.
  • Revise and enhance the degree audit system to assist in timely and accurate student advising.
  • Improve teaching evaluation methods to enhance individual teaching.
  • Provide a safe, healthful, clean and accessible campus environment.
  • Work to ensure that the University is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
  • Maintain effective, productive lines of communication and collaboration with University faculty, staff, and students in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System and at other colleges and universities throughout the Commonwealth.