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How to Apply and Deadlines

1. Print a copy of the application and required supporting documentation. If you are unable to view or print the forms, you must contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission and University Registrar to have a form sent to you.

2. Completely fill in all the information on the form. Incomplete applications will be cancelled. Your signature must be notarized.

3. The deadline for residency reclassification requests is 30 calendar days after classes begin each semester.

Return the completed form and all documentation to:

Residency Review Committee

In accordance with Section 13(2) of 13KAR 2:045, the Residency Review Committee is established to consider appeals of residency determinations made by the Residency Officer. This committee will be convened provided that the student fulfills his/her obligation to request an appeal of their residency determination within 14 days of receipt of their decision letter. For more information regarding the Residency Review Committee, please contact Stephen Barnett, Residency Officer

Residency Appeals

For more information on appealing a residency decision, contact .