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This guide will walk you through the features of the new course registration application.


The home screen of the application will show messages for open registration windows, an overview of the registered classes, the student’s advisor name and contact information, links to helpful resources, and quick links to the help desk and the registrar office contacts. It is a summary view of important information students need during registration.



The course catalog search is now faster and easier to use. You can start searching for a course in the course prefix box by typing in the prefix letters and the application will suggest courses containing those letter.


The search results are grouped by the course with the sections listed below. This makes it easier to view different sections of the same course together.


Open seats can be checked for an individual section or for the entire course all at once.


A new feature of the application is the ability to save or register for course sections from the course catalog search results. Saving a course section will save it to your planned courses section but does not register it. The save feature will be available as soon as the term catalog is available so that students can start planning their schedule right away. The register option is only available when the student’s registration window is open.

Clicking on the section link will open the information for the section, including the description, course deadlines, and refund schedule.



The planned courses section gives students a place to plan their term schedules before registering. By saving course sections to the planned courses area, you can see if there are time conflicts, do pre-registration checks to see if there are any issues like pre-requisites, and view the schedule in a calendar view to help with time management.


If you see a problem with a course section, you can easily change it by clicking on the section link in the planned courses area.


This will give you a view of all the other sections available in the courses with open seats. You can choose a section by clicking on and viewing it on the calendar to look for time conflicts or you can click on the “Automatically pick a section that fits” link. This will find the next available section that works with the other planned and booked courses.


Once the schedule is ready, students can select plan courses they want to register and click the “Registered Selected” button to register them all in one convenient step.


On the My classes page you will find the registered classes with the calendar view at the bottom. This is a summary page of the course schedule at a glance.


You can also drop or change the grade type for courses on the My Classes page by clicking on the edit button for each registered course and make the appropriate changes on the course information page.



The building locations are linked throughout the application to a map view to help with planning.

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