Is my see blue. U Orientation mandatory?

All incoming degree seeking students are required to attend a see blue. U Orientation.

Is there a fee associated with my see blue. U Orientation?

All incoming freshmen have a $125 fee and parents/guests will have a $30 fee. All transfer and readmission students will pay a $25 fee. The orientation fee is added on the tuition statement.

How do I activate the myUK  student account?

With your admission letter please visit go.uky.edu/LinkBlueSetUp.  This site will provide you with step-by-step directions.

I am locked out of myUK student account, how can I re-set my password?

Your myUK student account requires that your password be reset every 90 days.  If you need your account to be reset please call our IT Help Desk at 859-218-4357.

What should I wear to my see blue. U Orientation?

Please dress comfortably.  We will be inside for sessions but will be walking around outdoors. 

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