Grading Information

Grading Window

The fall 2016 final grading window will be open Monday, 24 April through Monday, 08 May at 11:59 p.m.  The final grading window is defined by University Senate rule 5.1.6.  Many important processes such as degree conferral, end-of-term progression (i.e. GPA, classification, academic standing and honors updates), eligibility for financial aid and course prerequisite checks rely on timely grade entry.

Grade Assignments

A valid grade must be assigned to each student on the class roster.  Students who have never attended your course nor participated in any academic-related activity should be assigned a grade of ’N’ (not in class).

Help & Guidance

• For myUK grade entry and grade change procedural documents, click here.

• Assistance with access to your course in the grading portal, click here for your college contact.

• Assistance transferring your grades from Canvas to the grading portal, click here or call 859.218.4357.

• For all other questions regarding grade-entry, click here. 

Grade Submission


Thank you for your support of this important process.