Staff List

Registrar's Office

Title Name Room Phone
University Registrar Kim Taylor 10 Funkhouser 257-7157
Associate Registrar Mike Shanks 10 Funkhouser 257-6306
Associate Registrar Sean Cooper 10 Funkhouser 257-7157
Associate Registrar Nathan Congleton 10 Funkhouser 257-7157
Assistant Registrar Aaron Vaught 10 Funkhouser 257-2031

Classroom Scheduling

Location Name Room Phone
Main Academic Campus Ruth Blackburn 12 Funkhouser 257-4903
Medical Center Campus Angel Schumacher 12 Funkhouser 257-2433

Communications and Publications

Office Name Room Phone
Publications Production and Web Support Matt Patterson 12D Funkhouser 257-7168
Schedule Book Coordinator Ryan Sallee 12 Funkhouser 257-3107

Degree Audit

Office Name Room Phone
Degree Audit Specialist Kate Applegate 10 Funkhouser 257-9530
Degree Audit Specialist Sherry L. Morris 10 Funkhouser 257-7397
Degree Audit Specialist Stephen Noble 10 Funkhouser 257-4219

Registration (Course Enrollment)

Office Name Room Phone
Registration Coordinator Lesley Cash 11 Funkhouser 257-7173

Veterans Affairs

Section: Name: Room: Phone:
Veteran Affairs Amy Southwood 2 Erikson Hall 257-8725
Children of Kentucky War Veterans (KWO) Amy Southwood 2 Erikson Hall 257-8725


Please see the web site at SAP Help/Training Staff


To obtain student records and transcripts:

If you attended UK after 1988 and last name begins with: Name Room Phone
A - G Audenna Phillips 10 Funkhouser 257-9537
H - Q Retha Sandlin 10 Funkhouser 257-9535
R - Z Tasha Jones 10 Funkhouser 218-1199


If you last attended UK prior to 1988: Name Room Phone
Any last name Latasha Jones 10 Funkhouser 257-1199