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AR 10:5 Electronic Signatures Policies and Procedures [Official PDF]


This regulation establishes the policies and procedures by which the University designates University transactions for which e-signatures are required and recognizes and authenticates e-signatures.

This regulation also identifies University requirements for the use of electronic signatures, electronic transactions, and electronic records in conducting University transactions.

Topics Include

Electronic Signature Use, E-Signature Transaction Approval and Responsibilities, Implementation and Security Procedures

Regulation Information

Effective Date: 10/3/2012

Responsible Official / Office: Information Technology

Related Materials

The Electronic Signatures Act: 15 USC Chapter 96

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): 34 CFE Part 99; Final Rule

E-authentication Guidance for Federal Agencies: OMB M04-04

The Kentucky Uniform Electronic Transactions Act: KRS 369.101-120

Kentucky State Electronic Signature Recordkeeping Guidelines

NIST Electronic Authentication Guidelines: 800-63

University of Kentucky BPM E-1-0, Relationship with the Commonwealth of Kentucky

University of Kentucky BPM Q-1-6, Electronic Signatures

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