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University Regulation Hierarchy

The Kentucky Legislature, in KRS 164.180 and KRS 164.200, authorizes the Board of Trustees to establish proper regulations for the government of the university. Pursuant to that authority, the Board has promulgated the University of Kentucky's Governing Regulations. The Governing Regulations establish the high-level principles, policies, and procedures for the performance of the Board of Trustees and the University, and delineate the duties of the President and responsibilities of the University Senate, Staff Senate, Student Government Association, the educational units and their administrative officers.

Through the Governing Regulations, (Governing Regulation II and Governing Regulation XIII) the Board has established clearly defined regulations on regulation development, management, and interpretation. The Governing Regulations authorize the President to promulgate the Administrative Regulations, including the Human Resources Policies and Procedures, within the broad framework of the Governing Regulations and to provide interpretation and implementation of these regulations. Additionally, Governing Regulations authorize the University Senate to establish the University's broad academic policies, and authorizes the chief administrative officers to establish appropriate unit-level policies and procedures attendant to their delegated administrative responsibilities.

The President, through Administrative Regulation 1:6, has established clearly defined internal procedures for creating, revising, and maintaining institutional regulations and policies. All of the University's regulations and policies are posted on the Regulations Library website.

For a graphical representation of this hierarchy, see our Regulation and Policy Hierarchy Chart.

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