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Administrative Regulations


  Student Affairs
AR 4:1 Rules and Additional Criteria for Registration of Student Organizations
AR 4:2 Residence Hall Administrative Board and Procedures for the Determination of Issues Arising out of Contractual Arrangements Relating to Student Housing - This regulation has been eliminated
AR 4:3 Heidelberg Scholarship Committee
AR 4:4 Commencement Committee
AR 4:5 Residency Status Review Committee
AR 4:6 Committee on International Students - This regulation has been eliminated
AR 4:7 Student Financial Aid Appeals and Advisory Committee
AR 4:8 Student Health Advisory Committee
AR 4:9 International Education Travel
AR 4:10 Code of Student Conduct
AR 11:1 The Sullivan Awards Committee
AR 11:2 The University of Kentucky Press Committee
AR 11:3 University Committee on Broadcast Media Rights - This regulation has been eliminated
AR 11:4 University Joint Committee on Honorary Degrees
AR 11:5 Policies and Procedures for Establishing Branch Libraries and Educational Unit Library Collections
AR 11:6 Continuing Education Council - This regulation has been eliminated


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