AR 5:1

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AR 5:1 Policies and Procedures on Postdoctoral Scholars, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Visiting Scholars [PDF]



This regulation establishes the policies and procedures for the terms of appointment and employment of postdoctoral scholars and fellows and for the accommodation of visiting scholars in the University. It defines their status, privileges, and benefits. It enables the University to assess its contribution to their training and scholarly activities in terms of faculty time and use of office and laboratory space, equipment, and library facilities. Furthermore, the designation of postdoctoral scholars makes it possible for the University to recognize their accomplishments by awarding Certificates of Postdoctoral Study.


Topics Include

Postdoctoral scholar, postdoctoral fellow, visiting scholar, Certificates of Postdoctoral Study, stipend, living allowance, temporary academic staff


Regulation Information

Effective Date:  5/22/2018

Responsible Official / Office: Provost / Dean of Graduate School


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