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Regulations Review Committee (AR 1:6)

"The RRC is appointed by the President and comprised of representatives from the major units within Office of the Provost, each of the Executive Vice Presidential areas, the Office of General Counsel, University Senate, and the Staff Senate. In order to achieve appropriate University-wide representation, the President may also appoint additional faculty and staff employees."



Marcy D. Deaton
Associate General Counsel
Office of Legal Counsel

Provost Subcommittee:


Dr. Benjamin C. Withers '17  
Interim Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education & Director of the Honors Program
Regular Faculty, College of Fine Arts


Sandra Jaros '17 
Clinical Administrator and Assistant Dean for Administration
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, College of Medicine


Tony Blanton '15 
Director, Off-Campus Student Services
Dean of Students Office


Dr. David C. Randall '15
Frazier Professor
Department of Physiology, College of Medicine


Andrew Hippisley (Current University Senate Representative)
Department of English


Dr. Kaveh A. Tagavi '16 
Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering


Dr. G. T. Lineberry '16 
Associate Provost for Faculty Advancement

Office for Faculty Advancement


Lisa Wilson ’16
Associate Provost for Finance and Operations
Provost Budget Office


Bill Verble ’17

Assistant Manager, Training and Development
Human Resources

Administration Subcommittee:


Dr. Mia Alexander-Snow '17
Director, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Office of Institutional Effectiveness


Ronda S. Beck '17
Office of the Treasurer


Sheila Brothers '17
Administrative Support Associate II
University Senate Council and Staff Trustee, UK Board of Trustees


Bart Miller '14 
Benefits Officer
Human Resources, Employee Benefits


T. Lynn Williamson '15
Deputy General Counsel
Office of Legal Counsel


Jerry Hart (Current Staff Senate Representative) '17
Maintenance Superintendent Assistant II
Physical Plant – Campus


Kyle Dippery '16
Information Technology Manager I
Engineering Computing Center


Joey Payne '17
Chief Benefits Officer
Human Resources


Lance Broeking ’16

Director, Parking and Transportation Services
Office of the Vice President for Facilities


Rachel Copeland ’16
Assistant Dean/Finance
College of Fine Arts


Karen Minton ’16
Administrative Staff Officer III
College of Nursing

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