Student Game Day Zone

What is it?

Game Day Zone is UK’s official student football game day celebration located on Pieratt Field. All students are welcome and encouraged to bring their friends.

Dates & Times:  Home football games: September 1, September 15, September 22, October 20, November 3, and November 17.

Accommodations: For reasonable accommodations please contact the Disability Resource Center at or by email at


Starting in fall 2018, the University of Kentucky will take steps at changing the culture, experience, and expectations surrounding the football game day student experience.  This initiative will be approached with two goals:

Goal #1:  Improve student safety and belonging

Goal #2:  Create a more inclusive student game day environment


General FAQ & Updates to Tailgating Policy

  1. What exactly is the Student Game Day Zone (GDZ)?

    1. The GDZ is the area on Pieratt Field (behind the Johnson Center) that has been designated as the new location for Registered Student Organization (RSO) tailgating.  It will be the only location where RSOs can reserve for game day events. On the other end of Pieratt Field, an All-Student Game Day event will be hosted with music, free food, free tickets, inflatable games, and prizes.

  2. When can students show up to the Game Day Zone?

    1. 2.5 hours prior to gameday kickoff.

  3. Is The Bowl closed?

    1. The area for RSO tailgating known as The Bowl will no longer be used for that purpose.  UK Athletics will repurpose the area for their needs on game days.

  4. Can I bring glass bottles?

    1. No.
  5. Will the Registered Student Organization and All-Student areas be separated by a barrier?

    1. Currently, no.  There will be no physical barrier.

  6. Can I  bring guests?

    1. Yes.  For the All-Student event, each student can bring one guest with them.  

  7. How will attendance be monitored?

    1. Each RSO will have their own specific wristband.  Those permitted with alcohol will have a separate wristband to be administered upon arrival by staff working the gates.  Students who are not a part of the RSO section must scan their Student ID upon entry.

  8. Is re-entry into the Game Day Zone allowed?

    1. No



The Game Day Zone is open for student tailgating for all home games. This space is open for all students to enjoy tailgating prior to attending the football game.  Free food is provided each game along with a cash bar for attendees over the age of 21. Entertainment - including a Jumbotron and DJ - will be set up for students to enjoy.

Registered Student Organizations may sign up for a spot in the Game Day Zone by completing the request form found here. Registered Student Organizations must submit this form by 12:00pm (Noon) the Wednesday before the football game. 

*The form is due on October 31 for the game with the University of Georgia and November 14 for the game against Middle Tennessee State University. 

The Game Day Zone is open two and a half hours prior to kick off for each game. Set up by the organization may begin three hours prior to kick off.

Organizations may not bring the following items:

  • Food or drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Speakers or amplified sound for music

Organizations may bring the following items:

  • Tents - maximum 16' x 16' in size
  • Banners or other organization signage
  • Lawn games and entertainment

All attendees must follow the clear bag policy that is in place for Kroger Field. 

Sales and solicitation is not allowed in the Game Day Zone.

Please refer all questions to Drew Smith, Assistant Provost for Health and Well-Being,


Important Update Regarding Game Day on Saturday, October 20th

We listened. And we’re responding.

After each previous Game Day Zone tailgate, we’ve conducted interviews with students to determine how we can make the experience better, more inclusive and safer for everyone.

In particular, we’ve heard from you that using a third-party vendor to sell and serve alcohol would create a better experience for all concerned.

For this weekend’s tailgate prior to the homecoming game against Vanderbilt, Pivot Brewing – based in Lexington – will sell beer and cider to students who are of legal age to consume.

As a result, students are prohibited from bringing coolers or their own beer, other alcohol or food into the tailgate. Backpacks also will not be allowed.

As with entry into the game itself, you can bring a clear plastic bag to serve as a purse or handbag.

Here’s what you need to know about the Game Day Zone (GDZ) experience:

  • The tailgate will begin at 5 p.m. and end at 7 p.m., 30 minutes before kick-off.
  • You will enter at the northeast corner of Pieratt Field, next to the Johnson Center. Students – with a valid student ID – can enter. You may bring one guest.
  • Those who may drink will be given wristbands to wear. Beer and cider in 12-ounce cups will be sold in a separate, cordoned off section of the tailgate.
  • You must be 21 or older to enter that section of the tailgate. Each individual may purchase one beer – for $3.50 – at a time.
  • Pivot Brewing bartenders will check IDs.
  • As always, we have game tickets to give away and food and other games will be provided.

We intend to utilize this format for the remaining three home games this season. We will continue to gather feedback from you. We will convene following the season and, in consultation with students, make decisions about changes we can make for next year to improve the experience.

Thank you for your participation and involvement in this gameday experience. We’re here to serve you. We want to do everything possible to ensure that this experience is a safe and entertaining one for all students who call UK their home.

Thank you and Go Cats!

For the policies located on the Dean of Students website, click here