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Software requests should come from faculty or staff members requesting software for their group.
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Note: Software requests must be renewed each academic year
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University of Kentucky Information Technology Services Learning Spaces Software Installation Policies

Software Request Form

  • Departments can request discipline-specific software are made by departments via the Software Request Form when a departmentally sponsored application is needed for deployment in Learning Spaces Labs and/or in Virtual Den.
  • Some textbooks may be accompanied by applicable software for course use.
  • If a driver or software installation is necessary for media accompanying textbooks, a Software Request Form will need to be completed.
  • Faculty should verify prior to usage that their software works in Learning Spaces Labs and/or Virtual Den.

Software Request Deadlines

  • To ensure timely deployment, software requests are due by the following deadlines. Requests received by these dates will be available no later than the beginning of the requested applicable academic session.
    • Spring Semester December 1 of previous year
    • Summer Semester April 1
    • Fall Semester June 1
  • Any software that is on order and has not arrived is considered as not being made available to ITS and therefore may miss installation by the beginning of the semester deadline date (see above).
  • Software is generally installed between semesters only. However, requests made after the posted deadlines will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Software that is requested after the beginning of the semester will require at least a 10 working day notice and the required media and license verification before the request can be fulfilled.

Software Renewal and Retirement

  • ITS may contact departments regarding discipline-specific software on an annual basis to confirm that annually renewable software requests are still needed and that versions and patches are current.
  • Discipline specific software not renewed or upgraded by the department will be retired. This means that the software will be removed from Learning Spaces Labs and/or Virtual Den environments.

Software Media and License

Software requests will be processed only after appropriate media and licenses are provided by the requesting department.

Software Media

Software media must be received by ITS before software installation can begin. Software may be accepted by the following methods:
  • DVD, CD, USB flash drive
  • SharePoint site
  • URL to the specific version location
Please note that in situations where a login id is required to download software the department will be responsible for securing a login to the site and downloading the necessary installer.

Software License

  • All requested software must be properly licensed. Responsibility for appropriate licensing lies with the requesting department.
  • At the time of request and before software can be installed, copies of the proof of purchase for the appropriate number of licenses must be submitted to ITS.
  • If the software license requires a license server, the requesting department must provide for and maintain the applicable license server.

Additional License Requirements for Virtual Den (Citrix)

Software requests for Virtual Den must be accompanied by a written notice from the software vendor indicating that the license is valid to run in a Citrix environment.

Limiting License to Certain Groups

  • Certain software may be bound by specific license requirements set forth by the vendor.
  • In situations where the requesting department is required to limit access to certain software by student groups, class, etc., the department may request an Active Directory Group for this purpose. On Microsoft Windows platform only.
  • An Active Directory group can be requested via a Service Now ticket through the ITS Service Desk via: 218-help or 218help@uky.edu.

Testing Requested Software

  • Typically ITS will install software and subsequently verify that the software will launch without errors or warnings.
  • Initial installation of software will be completed within a test system environment and the requesting department will be given access to test the software.
  • It is the responsibility of the requesting department to thoroughly test software, including all required components, to confirm acceptable performance.
  • After the requesting department has confirmed functionality of the software, ITS will then move the software to the production environment and make it available to the appropriate student groups. For physical labs please note that the timing involved in making the software available in the production environment is contingent upon lab availability.

Non-Persistent Desktop and Application Environment

  • Due to the "public" nature of the Learning Spaces Labs' computers and resources in Virtual Den, certain settings such as Registry Settings are locked preventing users from changing these settings. Software requiring changes to these settings cannot be installed.
  • Desktops available in Learning Spaces Labs and Virtual Den are non-persistent. This means that no user data, personalized settings, or other changes made during a session will be saved.
  • Machines are "wiped" of any user changes to provide for a consistent user experience once the user has logged off.
  • Information regarding instructions on how students should save data in Virtual Den can be found in the Virtual Den FAQ.

User IDs and Logins

  • Resources available from Learning Spaces Labs and/or Virtual Den must be accessed using a University of Kentucky assigned "link blue" account.
  • Please note that per University Policy (Administrative Regulation 10.1), "user access shall not be transferred to or shared with another user…."
  • Activation/Management of "link blue" accounts can be accessed from the linkblue information page.

Access to Virtual Den Outside of Learning Spaces Labs

  • Students can access Virtual Den outside of a classroom via a personal computer or mobile device.
  • Information on connecting to Virtual Den is available via the Virtual Den FAQ.
  • Virtual Den is available 24/7. A rolling maintenance reboot schedule is employed on a nightly basis for applications via Virtual Den. Virtual Desktops are not impacted by this schedule.
  • Major maintenance schedules or outages for Virtual Den will be announced via public media and the Virtual Den web page.

Learning Spaces and Virtual Den Help

  • Many Learning Spaces Labs feature friendly and knowledgeable consultants who would be happy to help with your computer-related problems.
  • Escalation of Issues regarding Learning Spaces Labs and/or Virtual Den should be reported to the ITS Service Desk via: 218-help or 218help@uky.edu
  • Extensive Virtual Den information and help can also be accessed via the Virtual Den FAQ.
  • Additional information regarding ITS Learning Spaces Labs can be found at the Computer Labs web page.