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          NOTE: We require 10 business days after receiving the Software Request form in order to install, test, and deploy the requested application in the classroom.                 * Please see the Software request form for specified dates to have software installed in a general lab environment for the semester.
The Student Computing Services Software Installation and Support Policy is available online at

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SCS Classroom Reservation Policy

Please read these policies and choose the option that you have read them below.


Given that many The Registrar's Office computer labs also function as computer classrooms, this policy has been created in order to ensure their maximum availability for student use.

The term "classroom" as used within this document denotes a The Registrar's Office computer classroom.

Please note that this document contains policies only for the reservation of Information Technology The Registrar's Office' classrooms, and does not imply or provide guidelines for other departmentally administered classroom computing facilities.

Reservation Policy

Faculty members may reserve classrooms for the following purposes:

  • To teach courses appearing in the "UK Schedule of Classes."
  • To hold activities intended for the benefit of University of Kentucky student groups and organizations (for example, Library instruction performed by University of Kentucky librarians).
  • Sessions held in the classrooms may not charge for attendance.

The Registrar's Office will not accept reservations for activities that do not meet these requirements. Contention over the scheduling or use of classrooms will be mediated by the Vice President for Information Technology.

Non-Student related reservations will only be taken for dates during non-academic times. Groups wishing to reserve a classroom for paid seminars or sessions will need the prior approval of the Vice President of Info. Tech. May only reserve during non academic times and be charged a reservation fee.

Scheduling Classrooms

Faculty members requesting the use of classrooms must complete the "The Registrar's Office Computer Classroom Reservation Request." This form must be received by The Registrar's Office no later than one week before the date and time requested.

Whenever a scheduling conflict occurs, the request of the faculty member who was the first to make their reservation will be honored. Every effort will be made to schedule the second faculty member in a classroom with equivalent hardware and software.

Faculty members will be contacted regarding the status of their request.

Due to budgetary limitations, classrooms cannot be scheduled outside of their normal operating hours.

If the request is honored, the faculty member agrees to abide by the following conditions. If these conditions are not met, the faculty member may forfeit the use of the requested classroom.

  • The faculty member accepts responsibility for ensuring that they and their students have link blue accounts. Users who do not have Link Blue accounts will be unable to use the hardware and software installed in the classrooms.
  • Faculty members reserve the right to determine whether persons not associated with their group will be allowed to remain in the classroom during the time of the instruction.
  • Classrooms not occupied twenty minutes into the scheduled time must be made available for general student use.
  • The faculty member must relinquish the classroom at the designated time.
  • Under no circumstances is any equipment to be removed from classrooms.

Software Installation and Support

Any requests for special software installations will need to be made to the Manager of The Registrar's Office, and will be honored in accordance with the "The Registrar's Office Software Installation and Support Policy," available here.

Food and Drink Policy

Food and drinks are expressly prohibited in all SCS computer labs and classrooms. As the faculty or staff member reserving the classroom, we ask that you assist us in enforcing this policy.


If this request is honored, I agree to abide by the conditions as outlined in the "The Registrar's Office Computer Classroom Reservation Policy" as outlined above.


This form must be received no later than 5 Business Days before the date and time requested.

The Registrar's Office will contact you regarding the status of your request.
Please give us 24-36 hours to respond due to the large volume of requests we receive.

The Registrar's Office will contact you regarding the status of your request.
If you have any questions, contact Ruth Blackburn

* On Submit you will be redirected to the software request page.
If you don't have a software request than just close the browser tab but
if you DO need software installed please fill out the form. *