Our Mission

The mission of our office is to provide knowledge and information that empowers UK students and community youth to make safer and healthier lifestyle choices in the areas of alcohol, drug use and mental wellness.

The Office of Substance Education & Responsibility does not gear its messages toward anti-drinking. Although we do not promote underage drinking, we are keenly aware of the fact that many of our students choose to drink while underage. Therefore, we provide our students with knowledge that will help them make educated decisions on their own alcohol use.

We offer a variety of resources that encourage responsible decision making (including abstinence) in order to help keep our students and the surrounding community safe and healthy.

The Office of Substance Education & Responsibility is located in rooms 565 and 518 of the Patterson Office Tower. Please feel free to stop by any time to talk, pick up brochures, or schedule presentations!

What We Offer

Some of the programs and strategies of our office include:

§  Implementing community-wide campaigns aimed at student empowerment, individual identity formation, and the discussion of family histories of alcoholism.

§  Collaboration with community partners for events, programs and workshops that address high-risk drinking and other drug use.

§  In collaboration with the University of Louisville, lead statewide initiatives to reduce AOD abuse on college campuses through the Commonwealth Partnership. This partnership provides educational workshops that are offered to institutions and communities throughout the state.

§  Informing UK parents about the risks and consequences of dangerous drinking behaviors.

§  Coordinate and administer the AlcoholEdu program.

§  Training and sponsoring of the Student Wellness Ambassadors, who provide their peers and youth in the community with information and safety tools regarding mental wellness, alcohol, and other drug abuse.

§  Facilitating alcohol programs for residence halls, Greek organizations, and student-athletes.

§  Sponsoring campus-wide alcohol awareness programs throughout the year.

§  Offering resources and referrals for UK students.

§  Coordination and administration of the educational responses for the Code of Student Conduct substance policy violators.